Life’s been a bit of a challenge recently, hey? Furloughed, locked down, socially distanced and quarantined; a whole host of new terminology has entered the collective vernacular, and it’s been a lot to take on board.

We all deserve a break right now, but for safety’s sake, it’s looking likely to be on terra firma for the time being. Not that we’re complaining; even a weekend break can do wonders for our state of mind, allowing us to reconnect with nature, and shed some of the day-to-day stress we tend to accumulate and carry around. And hey, maybe reconnecting with the UK in the form of a staycation might be good for the country’s collective consciousness right now. 

What better way to enjoy the Great British outdoors and to bask in its spectacular scenery than through glamping? Glamping is a relatively new way to experience nature at its finest, but it has already gained serious popularity, and there are some incredible glamping sites in the UK popping up all the time. To the initiated, that’s not surprising.

For those who have been living under a hastily erected rock these last few years, glamping is a combo of two words: glamorous and camping. In essence, it allows you to experience the serenity of nature whilst still maintaining a few home comforts. Unlike traditional camping, in tent and under appointed, glamping finds the best of both worlds; yep, that means a proper mattress, running, hot (!) water, wifi…you name it. 

Anyway, if you’re still not convinced and want to dive a little deeper, here are 5 reasons to go glamping for your next staycation.


Glamping gives you an utterly unique experience, and anyone who has ever gone glamping will attest to this. There are various glamping breaks offered across the country, and this unique type of holiday can provide a surprising amount of variety – from a fully-catered, romantic couple’s tent to elaborately-designed tipis and even full rustic bungalow retreats. 

There are some incredible makers of luxurious and bespoke safari tents UK who are forever dreaming up new, lavish elements to add to their structures to ensure everyone feels at home in nature. And it’s this attitude of constant evolution which is bringing great diversity to the glamping market’s offering. As long as you’re keen on getting amongst nature and you love a little side of luxury, you’ll find something to suit your tastes in the glamping industry.


Glamping offers guests the opportunity to bask in nature without having to surrender their creature comforts. But that doesn’t mean a glamping trip represents a cop out from that sense of getting back to a more simple way of life which traditional camping brings. Instead, you have the choice here about how ‘back to basics’ you want to go. 

You can choose whether you want to keep your wide-screen television, for instance, or a gorgeous bathroom and bathtub, or even a washing machine. Or, you can simply settle for a larger tent which boasts a decent mattress and not many more mod-cons. That’s the beauty here. How you strike the balance between living in nature and retaining life’s little luxuries is entirely up to you.


The freedom granted by traditional camping – of sleeping out under the stars, of cooking local produce over an open flame, of relieving yourself in a bush – can be somewhat tempered by downpours, a barbeque that won’t light, and stinging nettles getting you in the most unwelcome of places.

Glamping manages to grant access to both that unbridled sense of freedom which outdoor living provides, and the home comforts which make everything run a little more smoothly. And during a UK staycation, that’s all you want, right?


When you go on a regular camping trip, there are a lot of aspects you have to think about – how are you going to cook on that propane stove? Is that sleeping bag going to be warm enough? Will there be any facilities? If you forget something, your camping trip may well be ruined. Or at least, the amount of ‘stuff’ you have to pack can rather temper that unbridled sense of freedom we previously extolled. 

Not so with glamping – there’s as little preparation as possible required as you essentially just have to show up. When you arrive at a glamping site, the tent is already set up, the bedding has been arranged, the facilities are more akin to what you are used to at home, and there can be some extra amenities as well, depending on the kind of glamping tent you choose. You can enjoy a day outdoors and an evening under the stars, hassle-free, and happily cohabiting with nature. 


Glamping also represents one of the most environmentally sustainable holidays out there, with little trace and few footprints left in nature from your visit. This sense of a ‘greener’ holiday extends past a general idea of reconnecting with nature. 

Glamping structures are reliably made from sustainable materials, such as reclaimed wood, and heating often comes from natural sources such as logs. The fact you’re doing this within the UK also cuts back drastically on your carbon footprint. What’s more, the tidy up operation after your stay can be backed up by dedicated glamping site staff after your departure, who will have recycling procedures in place.


Glamping offers everyone the chance to feel pampered in the heart of nature, without the difficulties a truly ‘wild’ experience can bring.