We all want our Cinderella moment, where the beautiful belle of the ball has all eyes on her. Make an impact this Christmas with these top tips to get you noticed!

Stay hydrated

We all know that staying hydrated is a vital part of staying healthy, but it also helps maintain gorgeous glowing skin. Drinking plenty of water throughout the day will flush the body of harmful toxins that hinder your natural beauty. Have a glass of water near to hand, and take a few sips in between paragraphs of that report you’re writing. Little and often is much easier to swallow than trying to force a pint of squash down every few hours. When that glass is empty, head on up to the kitchen for a refill, with the bonus of chalking up a few more steps on our Fitbit counters.

Be Wax Aware

Every woman has her personal secrets to perfectly smooth sexy legs, but remember timing is crucial! Although waxing gives that irresistible feel, it can leave irritation and redness for a short while after. Plan ahead, and treat yourself to some well-earned pampering the day before and incorporate your waxing regime then, this will allow time for any temporary reactions to heal overnight, so you wake up to party ready pins.

Book A Day Of Retail Therapy

Treat yourself this Christmas for a day just for you, whether you take a leisurely browse through your local shopping quarter, or stay in the comfort of your home with a strong coffee and the internet world at your fingertips. Keep an eye out for a little surprise something that will enhance your signature look, with just enough difference that people can’t help but notice. How about some bright green contacts for the evening, or an elegant chain and pendant to enhance the neckline of your fabulous dress?

Perfect Your Perfume

You know what scents you like. You’ve applied your favorite but by the time you’ve reached the party it’s already faded, and it feels like a little bit of a waste. Did you know that warmer bodies will intensify the aroma? Give yourself a spritz as soon as you can after hopping out the shower, and if you want that extra boost massage in some matching body lotion over the top.

Be A Skin Sensation.

Everywhere you go, there are people who could give you the world of make-up advice. Ultimately, what people will notice first is your skin. A handy thing to be aware of if you’re short on time. Make sure your kit is stocked with your the right foundation to match your skin tone. Blend the foundation using a nice soft brush, and apply concealer to blemishes and dark spots as necessary. If you spend time on your foundation, then only have time for a quick flick of mascara and a little lip tint you will still be guaranteed to look sensational. But of course, if you have a few minutes spare and want to go to town, don’t let us stop you.

Well, there you have it. Five tips so simple that they have probably been overlooked before now, but will be a sure fire way to make everyone’s eyes focus on you as you sway and shimmy your way across the dancefloor. Now you can stop worrying, you look flawless, so go and enjoy your party.