Have you always dreamt of embarking on a career where you can make a difference? Does the idea of being stuck in a corporate world bore you beyond believe? Maybe the thought of a career with people or places that need you, where you can contribute to something, excites you more than anything else?

If that’s the case, then it seems as if nothing less than a meaningful job will do for you. And that’s not a bad place to begin your career. To have an impact on the world or people, any one of these five career paths could be the one for you.

Conservation Officer

A career in conservation is one way that you can physically make a difference in the world. There are many roles available, pretty much all around the world. From office based positions in a premises within the UK to active roles further afield, there is a range of options for budding conservationists to choose from – along with a variety of causes. If you don’t have a strong passion for one particular cause, volunteering could be one way to find your feet in an area that you could go on to love.

Support Worker

One of the most noticeable differences you can make to people is by giving back. By caring about a community and the people in it, you can change the way people think and feel. In a range of support worker jobs, not only do you care for others, but you can improve their standard of living and add to their quality of life. There are not many jobs that allow to you have a direct impact on others, but a career as a support worker certainly does.

Research Scientist

Other ways of making a difference can involve trying to make an active change. Research is one of the means of doing this. If you love your field of study and what to make an impact on not only your specialism, but the wider world too, a career within research science could be ideal for you. With a range of areas from stem cells to cancer research, you could make history in your field, as well as change the world for the better.

Community Advisor

Working within a community, to improve its welfare or dynamics can be a very rewarding job. As a community advisor, you may be working with to promote various areas of health within an area, or even be guiding youths. Careers within community care can be challenging, but you can also directly affect and improve the lives of others. In some cases, the field is close to their hearts and giving back in this way is more important than anything another career has to offer.


As rewarding jobs go, teaching has got to be one of the highest there is. When you teach, you impart your love of learning and your specialism to others. You can help children grow and nurture their minds at primary level, or ignite their passion in a chosen field at secondary level. You might even decide to teach as a professor at University level and have a hand in research at the same time. Whichever field of teaching feels right for you; it will undoubtedly be rewarding.