So, you’ve decided it’s time to make that change. To transition from the functional space to one of indulgence, luxury and ‘me’ time. Sorry, ‘you’ time. Too long spent on the can, in an uninspiring room, can do that to a person. 

These big ideas needn’t necessarily spell a time consuming project. Nope, a bathroom renovation is best realised in the planning stage; get that right, and the rest, we think, writes itself. To ensure everything runs as smoothly as possible, here are 5 simple tips to make your bathroom renovation a breeze.


You got lucky; it’s five tips in one to start us off today. The five Ps aren’t simply marketing speak, but rather, a mantra regarding any renovation project. And that is; proper planning prevents poor performance.

If your bathroom renovation is to be a success, planning is essential. You need to first consider the electrical and plumbing changes you wish to make, as these are best left in the hands of the professionals. Inform your plumber and electrician of pipes, sanitaryware, wiring and sockets that might that need relocating. That’s not something you can do DIY style.

It’s essential you sketch out a floor plan of your bathroom – now and in the future – to get an idea of the dimensions you’re working with and the layout you’d like to achieve. In a room full of flow, you want the motion in the room to move naturally. In your diagram, you should include the sanitaryware (the bath, basin and toilet), any storage and furniture, as well as items unseen, like the plumbing and drainage systems and the electrical system, which should take into account sockets and lights. Finally, factor in heating.


A bathroom renovation endures a huge amount of waste (no, not that kind). And it’s indicative of a house in disarray when there’s a toilet or bathtub in the front garden, full of rainwater and memories which won’t wash away under it. These items simply shouldn’t end up dumped somewhere or in landfill, a reliable and reputable skip hire company such as Skip Hire Coventry will provide both the facility to gather all your waste in one place, and the means to see it recycled properly.

The experts at Nottingham Skips implore you to ‘’make a responsible choice as well as an economic one’’, and we couldn’t agree more with that.

However, skips aren’t always convenient for everyone. As the bathroom experts at Victoria Plum highlight, “skips can often be cumbersome, taking up much-needed parking space on a road or driveway and you also run the risk of other people dumping their own rubbish in it! They are often time-limited and delays in your bathroom project can mean additional skip hire costs”.

HIPPOBAGs are a clever, convenient and cost effective alternative to hiring a skip. These waste disposal bags fits where most skips can’s and arrived flatpacked so you can store it neatly away until you use it. Like a skip, you can book a collection to get your waste removed.


That shouldn’t mean that all old items from your bathroom are destined for the skip, however commendably it’s recycled. Instead, try to upcycle and reuse any items you can, to avoid the heavy environmental impact of the renovation. Generally, any taps or sanitaryware can be used, whether that’s through giving them a new lick of paint, polish or prune. Re-enamelling, and adding new surrounds and seals to the bath and sink may breathe the requisite new life into it, too. Should you have any bathroom vanities, shelving or small cupboards, this can be reinvigorated via a fresh coat of paint and a little TLC. This will save you money and a fair amount of climate-based guilt, too. 


For a room we spend so much time in, musing on the finer details of life and the wide range of inevitable bodily processes which define it, the bathroom is all too often crushingly identikit in its design. But this is an incredibly personal space, so do endeavour to reflect that in your design. 

This can be achieved in the finer details, the little flourishes of furnishing and even through your commendably artistic eye (we know you’ve got taste, as you’re here, reading IDEAL). If you’re keen to explore how to leave your own fingerprints all over your bathroom design, then might we redirect you to our 6 IDEAS for creating a bespoke bathroom? It’s a good read, we promise.


Play with fire, you’re going to get burnt. Play with water, by attempting to tackle your own intricate plumbing tasks, and you’re going to get soaked. Play with electricity, rewiring elements which shouldn’t go together, and you’re going to get a shock. Perhaps we’ve laboured over this proverb long enough, but if you’re keen not to be labouring over your bathroom for even longer, then it’s best to defer to the professionals on the more complex tasks in the bathroom. Instead, cast your discerning eye over the design, select the colours, the artwork, and the fixtures…but when it comes to plumbing, electricity and heating, this is best done by the experts.

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