Ideal for getting your home shipshape so you can focus on those New Year’s resolutions.

‘New year, new you….new home?’. Has quite the ring to it, don’t you think? But if you don’t have the cash to invest in property right now, then it’s essential that you carry out some home maintenance checks to ensure everything is ship-shape and running smoothly. Doing so can make your current place feel brand new.

Taking matters into your own hands and carrying out some simple maintenance checks and DIY can also save you money; spending on tradespeople and contractors can easily empty your pockets. With that in mind, here are 6 easy home maintenance tasks that you can do yourself, IDEAL for getting your home shipshape so you can focus on those New Year’s resolutions. 


The heating system is among the first priorities in your house, especially during the winter season. A malfunctioning radiator will only heat up in its lower areas, so it’s crucial you keep them bled so they’re functioning at full potential. It’s essential you know how to repair such problems to ensure your home is warm and toasty, and you’re not wasting any energy. So, make sure you know how to bleed a radiator properly before you tackle the task.


Fire alarms can be disturbing enough when the only issue is that you’ve burnt some toast again. Far more pressing than simply preventing unwanted noises, however, is ensuring that your fire alarms are working properly to prevent disaster. Most modern fire alarms have a button which allows you to test this; simply press and hold this button until the device gives you an indication that it’s working. Should the sound emitted be weak, stuttering or worse, non-existent, then change the batteries and try again. If it’s still not working, it’s time to invest in a new alarm.


Any air conditioning or air filters should also be cleaned once in a while. It is very difficult to detect a malfunctioning air filter simply by listening to it, since they often give off a bit of a rumbling sound, even at the best of times! Visit this link for a quick rundown on how to clean your air filters.


Avoid stains, mould and structural damage by adding a coat of sealant to your kitchen tiles and sinks. Epoxy grout is considered the best sealant out there; you should also fill cracks that may be showing in the wall. After filling the walls, give them a new lick of paint if you’re feeling fancy (and to ensure your walls clean and crack free). To prevent further damage in the future, ensure you dry your sinks completely after use.


It’s a good idea to do a thorough termite inspection in your house. Termites can be incredibly destructive, and can feast on wood around the home. Eradicate them with pesticides.

You should also check for signs of other domestic pests periodically, especially mice or rats. Some signs that you have rodent housemates include the emergence of gnaw marks on skirting boards, rat/mice droppings, and your cat or dog suddenly becoming interested in a new area of the house. Should you believe rats or mice are sharing your home, check out these useful tips on how to rid your home of rats.


Other commonly forgotten areas while doing maintenance checks and tasks include lubricating squeaking doors and cupboards. Using gas lubricant is prudent since dust won’t be able to stick to the moving parts after its use.

There are also a few kitchen checks which are essential. Rather than waffle on (that reminds us; we must fix our waffle maker), we’ll redirect you here; to our guide on kitchen maintenance for beginners.