The heart and soul of the house, where the magic really happens, the place that most defines hospitality within the home, is most surely the kitchen. But it’s also an area of the house sometimes neglected in terms of aesthetics, where function wins out over visual appeal. But that shouldn’t be the case. There really is no reason for the kitchen not to pop with vibrancy and a sense of cool. Here’s how to make that happen; our 6 IDEAL kitchen interior upgrades.


Want to instantly grab a guest’s attention when they step inside your kitchen? Do so by adding an eye-catching splashback. Think outside the box and away from the traditional glass versions. For example, you could install antique mirror tiles that feature slight ripples and imperfections, which creates a distinctive, stylish design. Or, a geometric tile splashback will give real visual appeal. 


If your lighting is failing to complement the kitchen, then the appearance of your food (and the eating – eyes first and all that) might suffer. Indeed, it might be time to make an upgrade. You could shine a light on your stunning cabinets and worktops with contemporary spotlights. Alternatively, you could create a more rustic appearance by adding copper pendant lighting, allowing others to see your kitchen in a different light.


Freshen up your old kitchen by switching your upper cabinets with glass-paned fronts. It can be a great way to make the room appear less claustrophobic, as the glass will reflect natural light across the room. Plus, it can be a cool tactic for showcasing your high-quality crockery and carefully curated storage features.


Texture and comfort isn’t just for your bed and living room. Add intrigue and cosiness into the kitchen, too, by using different materials and shapes. Perhaps you could warm up a bright white kitchen by adding a butcher block worktop in uber cool sanded wood tones reminiscent of the most exclusive sushi bars. Another option, perhaps more affordable, is to hang market bags and high-quality tea-towels or to incorporate wicker baskets into your storage options.


While white cabinets and walls can make your kitchen appear fresh, hygienic and modern, they tend to point towards a lack of personality and slightly clinical feel within. For this reason, you should aim to breathe life into the space by incorporating bolder hues. 

Consider adding a vibrant feature wall or adding pops of colour by incorporating bold accessories and appliances into the visual aspect of the room. However, ensure you select complementary colours to match your kitchen style, which could range from traditional to modern, rather than a mismatched clash with no synergy.


To create a luxurious, modern kitchen that never fails to impress your guests, consider investing in various high-quality appliances which improve the look of the room as well as the cook. Your guests are bound to marvel at a two-door refrigerator that offers an ice-maker and ample storage space; jealousy activities in the process. They’re also likely to fall deeply in love with a large industrial stove, which will prove you take the cooking seriously, too. 


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