Summer is here and, for many of us, this is the time of year that we go on holiday.  .  Long gone are the days when you could travel with a room’s worth of luggage.  Nowadays, every traveller needs to be efficient if they want to have what they need without incurring excess luggage fines. With the help of French luggage brand DELSEY. we’ve put together 6 ideal packing tips to make your life easier.

Start planning early

Ahead of your trip start writing a list of things you need to pack.  You can keep adding items (or removing them) as your holiday approaches.  Running through a simple checklist can eliminate unnecessary items and at the same list can ensure you haven’t forgotten anything when you repack to come home. If you want to be extra organised, save a variety of lists for different types of holidays – city breaks, beach getaways, festivals, business trips and ski trips.

Don’t over pack

Once you’re ready to pack start by taking out all the items you would like to pack and try to remove a third. We all over pack when we travel – by laying everything out on your bed and assessing if you really will wear the item you can reduce the amount you take with you. You won’t wear everything and as much as you want to bring items with you as a backup/extra option these items will inevitably take up valuable space. Remember you might want to buy things while on holiday to wear or bring back – save some room by only taking the minimum with you.

Pack strategically

Start with big flat items at the bottom. Pack shoes heel to toe and place socks in shoes as well as filling empty spaces with socks. Another option instead of packing heel to toe is to use disposable shower caps on the soles of your shoes. There is nothing worse than staining light coloured summer clothing so protect your clothes from stains with this handy tip.

Suitcase Dividers

Do all your clothes end up dumped on the floor of your hotel room because you can’t find what you want to wear? Then get some lightweight suitcase dividers.  You can separate your clothes by outfit or category and will keep everything organised and need.

Travel light

If you travel often it may be best to invest in a lightweight suitcase – you’ll get your use out of it and also have peace of mind knowing you can fit a bit more in without going over the luggage weight allowance. For example, you can get  light cases weighing less than a bottle of water.  Use your luggage allowance on your belongings rather than the case itself.

Bags, bags and more bags

Zip lock bags are little lifesavers when packing, they don’t take up much room and they can be the perfect way of bringing a bit of order in your suitcase. Try using zip lock bags for toiletries, wires and travel adaptors. Try to double bag your toiletries to avoid spills and bring a foldable lightweight tote that can double as an extra bag whilst on your trip or something to carry souvenirs home in.