There has been a lot in the news lately about student fees and the cost of university life, and for good reason; study in recent years under coalition and Tory rule has gotten expensive. Really bloody expensive. Aside from promising, welcome Labour manifesto pledges for a National Education Service, other political parties only seem intent on making it even more so. Troubling times, indeed. Part time jobs, then, are becoming an essential part of uni life. But it doesn’t have to be stacking shelves or busting balls to make a little extra pocket money while studying. Instead, check out these; our 6 IDEAL part-time jobs suitable for students.


If you have a bookshop local to your university, they are likely to stock some of the textbooks and other material that you’re going to need throughout the year. If you can get a job here, there will be price reductions for employees, meaning you’ll be able to get those costly course and text books on the cheap. Book shops are also serene places to work, where the pace is leisurely, the vibe peaceful and colleagues and customers respectful. And that’s the least we should be asking for, right?


A classic student job, this, and for good reason. The position offers student-worthy perks, such as reduced prices on drinks outside of work hours. Cheers! The pay averages at £7.27 per hour, which is above the national minimum wage for 18-20 year olds, and the job offers the chance for increasing that take-home pay with tips. The social aspect of bar work can be enjoyable at university, too. Perhaps most pertinently, this role allows for flexible work hours to fit around your schedule, with bar hours rarely impacting on lecture times.Just make sure you have your name badge on so you can rake in those tips! 


No matter which university you go to, there will be many other students in need of a tutor. Making it into university means there is at least one subject you are specialised in that you can share your knowledge of, and make some money from. Maths and English are the most in-demand subjects, however, there is a need for most subjects. This is regular pay that has a very good hourly rate, and being a tutor generally means you can have weekly appointments that suit your own timetable.


If you’re lucky enough to own a vehicle, then why not look into becoming a delivery or taxi driver? Indeed, if you are happy to work the late shifts, then there’s a lot of money to be made. Apps like Uber, Lyft and Grab have made being a driver much easier and more accessible, with flexibility the chief driver (sorry) of this job’s popularity among students.


Whether working in a café or in a restaurant, both have the potential for tips and bonuses on top of the hourly salary. Although being a barista may require a bit of training, waiting jobs are all relatively attainable without prior experience, and you’ll be able to make a mean cup of coffee from there on in! 

Or, consider working the floor of a restaurant. The average hourly pay for a waiter is £6.62, which while not much, can be supplemented massively with tips. Indeed, this is perhaps the most popular student job due to its flexible hours and social interaction. Hotels are a great place for finding this kind of work, as they’ll often have a variety of in-house facilities which require waiting staff, from restaurants to cafes and deli-style areas. 

Indeed, in the heart of the Lake District, one of the newest hotels in Coniston village recently held a recruitment fair promoting part-time (and full time) positions, ideal for students at the nearby University of Cumbria campus in Ambleside; a sign that students are in demand, desired and valued in such roles, we think.


Although babysitting isn’t a standard job with a firm contract (some of the appeal for students, we think) it’s a good way to make money, with a high return on hours meaning there is the potential for a decent weekly wage.

And if babies aren’t your thing, then dog walking is a good option for students too. Not only can you make money, but it can also relieve stress and present the opportunity for a little fresh air and exercise.