Due to COVID’s unstoppable march and its effect on business, trade and, ultimately, employment, many are looking for new ways to earn money safely from home. For all its faults, the internet has been a blessing during this turbulent time, offering the chance to connect, socialise and stay entertained from the sofa or hastily arranged home office set up. If you’re stationed at the latter, wondering how to earn a few extra pounds on the side, then read on; here are 7 IDEAL ways to make money online right now.


As an affiliate marketer, a company will engage you to promote their products or services via your website or blog (if you don’t have one, you might want to skip to the next page). Thus, it revolves around creating intriguing content for the prospective market, with the hope of catching the attention of both companies and clients. 

Consequently, you include links that direct potential buyers to purchase from your client. Via this avenue, creating a credible brand comes first, as potential buyers want someone who they trust to vouch for a product. 


Plenty of us have more clothes than they need, with old items taking up prime wardrobe real estate whilst simultaneously gathering dust; not a sustainable situation, to be frank, and one which could earn you some extra spending money if you set about remedying it today. 

So, why not sell on some of your clothes? There are plenty of different online outlets that you can use such as eBay, Depop or ASOS Marketplace, and branded clothes in a good condition could make a fair amount of money. What’s more, you’ll be contributing to a positive, circular fashion movement rather than adding to demand for new items, which in turn harms our planet.


If you consider yourself a bit of a wordsmith and can express your thoughts succinctly then, firstly, would you like a job on IDEAL? If not, you could consider applying for a freelance writing job online to fill the hours and coffers in the months ahead. 

Writing is a nice side gig because you can pick and choose topic niches that would be your Mastermind specialist subject and simply let the words flow. Of course, it’s not as simple as that; you’ll have to meet the deadlines and a word limit set by your client, but as a convenient, accessible job to do from home, content writing is a smart move.

The goal is to write excellent content that will glue your readers to the screens asking for more. Make it fun and engaging, first and foremost.


Take paid surveys are another way to earn some pocket money online. For many companies, your feedback on their products and services is invaluable, which is why some well-known brands pay money to simply hear your thoughts. The surveys can range across several topics, mainly concerning consumer behaviour and your experiences with products and services. The more surveys you take, on sites such as univox community surveys, the more money you make. 

Though this kind of work won’t generate you a dependable income, or enough money to live on, it’s a welcome top-up during a difficult time. It’s also important to note that often, the companies involved will pay you with vouchers, gift cards and discounts for high street shops. Now, which website’s paying in toilet roll and pasta?

If you’re interested in finding out more, check out our tips on how to make the most out of paid online surveys, to get a more detailed lowdown. 


When teaching online, it is the same as physical teaching; only the mode of interaction differs. This isn’t only about academic subjects; you can share your wealth on knowledge on a whole range of subjects, from cooking or playing an instrument, to art and design or even painting. 

There are many Online Tutoring Platforms out there which you can sign up to, with Tutorhub, e4s and Tutorful three of the most popular in the UK. You’ll need the requisite qualifications and a detailed knowledge of the subject in questions, be it Maths, English or something more esoteric, but once you’re signed up, it’s as easy as firing up your webcam and educating. 


Should you own a website which you have put effort into building and marketing, then there are a few advertising possibilities available to you. You can incorporate email marketing and also advocate for your product or service. You can also use it as an advertising space for other brands, for instance, through Google AdSense. 


Many online users want a fast and easy way to grasp information online at the tip of their fingers; kinda why we used to turn to the internet, right? An easy way to captivate people is by creating such informational videos. For instance, if you want to capitalize on the cooking and healthy living niche, find keywords that people will mostly search for online. It can include how to bake a vegan cake, how to grill without an oven, or the best recipes containing superfoods. Once your informational videos have gained some traction online, there might be advertising opportunities available to you.

You can also work on creating stock footage and selling them to the highest bidder. In such a scenario, you take amazing shots that aptly capture the moment at that time. Consequently, for a third party to use such an image, they pay you to acquire rights.

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