6 IDEAL Tips On What To Wear On A Beach Holiday With Your Girls

So, your next girls’ holiday is in the diary? Firstly, we’d like to commend you on your bravery. 

With Summer 2022 holidays in a state of chaos, with airports understaffed and struggling, it’s a daring move to be jetting off. That said, the best you can do is plan meticulously, and since you’ve arrived here with us, we can only assume your precision planning has reached the packing stage.

You know exactly where you’ll be staying, which bars you want to visit, and who you’re going to be sharing your room with. No doubt you’ve also been trying to figure out what to wear while your away. However, with so many summer styles out there, choosing an outfit for those all important group shots on the beach, in the club and by the pool can be tricky. 

Moreover, finding the right balance between your desire to impress your girlfriends with your summer wardrobe and feeling comfortable in your skin can often be at odds with each other. So to make life easier, we’ve pulled together some ‘suit all’ summer style tips to help you pack for your upcoming holiday. Here’s what to wear on a beach holiday with your girls.

Keep Things Interesting With Different Styles Of Swimwear

When you live in the UK, opportunities to throw on a bikini are few and far between. So, make the most of the time you’ll have in the sun by packing swimwear in a range of fashionable styles. 

This summer, single-shoulder swimsuits are a major trend as are belted swimsuits that add subtle interest to swimming costumes. The fashionists over at Stylecaster predict that this summer “the monokini and tankini are both making triumphant comebacks, and come in a variety of cut-out styles and cropped lengths”. If cutouts are too teeny-tiny for you, then consider the more modest crinkle costume which is also very en trend.

Of course, the variety of swimwear for women out there can be overwhelming, with so many different designs to choose from: there are classic triangle bikinis, timeless one-pieces, high-waisted bottoms, and swimwear that comes with a pick ‘n’ mix of cut-outs. And, they’re all available in a wide range of colours and patterns, giving you plenty of freedom to choose the swimwear that will suit your holiday vibe, whether your style is quirky, bohemian, or minimalist. 

If there’s a style of swimwear that you’re particularly comfortable in, there’s no shame in sticking to what you know and love. Packing your favourite style of swimming costume in a range of colours and patterns will still allow you to have a different look every day, without having to stray too far from your comfort zone.

Invest in a Cover Up 

Here at IDEAL, we consider cover-ups to be just as important as your swimwear. Together, they are perfect companions. Investing in a cover-up is one of the smartest purchases you’ll make this summer. Not only do they offer your protection from the sun, but they can add some serious style credentials to your summer wardrobe and are the ideal way to amp up any swimwear look. 

Beach coverups comprise a wide range of styles, from kaftans and kimonos to button-down shirts, all the way to thigh-split cover-up dresses and floaty beach trousers. This year is all about dopamine dressing, so go for a mood-boosting bright cover-up if you want to go for something on-trend.

If you want something versatile, however, then you can’t go wrong with a vintage white crochet lace cover-up straight from the 60s. Whatever you choose, just ensure it’s made from a quick-drying, light, and airy material. 

Hair & Hats

It’s summer which means beach waves are back. To achieve this look without heat, sea salt spray is the ideal product to help you create just-off-the-beach waves on your holiday. 

If you’re all about that low-maintenance hair routine, a messy mermaid braid is a great way to keep your hair under control while you’re by the beach. Speaking of mermaids, for an evening look, consider mermaid waves that are long, sculpted variations of beach waves; we just love them.

The best way to achieve the tousled mermaid wave is with a wave wand which, as Glam explain, are “basically triple-barreled curling irons, featuring three equally sized, elongated barrels that mold your strands into that desired S-wave shape”.

Nothing says summer quite like an oversized, breezy hat. This timeless accessory adds a touch of sophistication and mystery to even the most casual of outfits, and is ideally suited for keeping the sun off your face and neck, too.

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Shoes For Every Occasion

All of the best girls’ holidays are packed with a variety of activities. You might spend a lot of your time barefoot on the beach, but you’ll also visit the best local restaurants and bars, browse all of the shops in the area, and explore whatever attractions might be nearby. This means you’re going to need a variety of shoes, so you look put-together when you go out on a night time but can be comfortable and casual when the occasion calls for it.

Of course, you’ll need at least one pair of casual sandals that you can wear down to the pool or beach. Sliders are a particularly popular choice at the moment, thanks to the fact they’re easy to slip on and off, but you could opt for some toe-post flip flops or a pair of tie-up sandals if they’re more your style. 

When it comes to sandals, it’s good idea to go with a neutral colour like tan, white, or black, so they’ll work with any outfit. That said, we can’t resist mood-boosting colourful shoes that make you smile.

Luckily when it comes to colour, one of the season’s big trends is ‘Crayola bright’ so you won’t be hard pressed to find a colorful shoe that matches your style. These sunshine ready-sandals are sure to amp your holiday mood and are a summer staple with some serious fashion pedigree.

Alternatively, consider some on-trend transparent sandals, which are basically a grown-up version of your childhood jelly sandals. As Vouge writes, “A see-through heel is the ultimate “nothing shoe,” a step beyond simply finding a sandal or heel that matches your skin tone”. 

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It’s also wise to pack a pair of trainers that you can wear on days that are going to require a lot of walking. Most girls’ holidays involve a lot of sea, sand, and spilled drinks, so it’s best to leave your favourite pair at home. Instead, buy a new pair for your getaway — just make sure you don’t spend too much, in case they don’t make it home with you. 

You’ll also want a pair of shoes you can wear when you go out on a night time, and espadrille wedges are perfect for this. They’re available in a wide range of colours, and you could even choose a pair that’s embellished with sequins or beads if you would like to turn up the heat on your holiday looks. 

Rent A Dress

You’re not alone if you buy new clothes for your holiday. Together, us Brits spend billions on summer holiday outfits, most of which will only be worn only once.

Instead, have you considered renting clothes your summer holiday with the girls? Hiring a gorgeous dress to wear is a much better option than buying a dress you’ll probably only wear once or twice this summer, don’t you think? 

The clothes rental market has seen a big boon in recent years as we become more concerned about sustainability. There are lots of rental apps out there, but for pretty summer dresses, there is no better place to look than By Rotation. Billing itself as “the social network to rent, lend and buy designer fashion”, the platform is a peer-to-peer service that allows you to rent and lend clothes. We’ve had a look and there are some gorgeous summer dresses from brands like Never Fully Dressed and Rat & Boa ready for the renting.

Pack Some Statement Accessories To Take Your Look From Day To Night

While you’re away, there will be days when you want to go straight from the beach to a restaurant or bar. On these occasions, you can easily amp up a simple day dress with some show-stopping accessories

Sunglasses are a practical as well as stylish way to lift an outfit, too. Think frames in bright neons or pastels, or keep it simple with light and airy shades for your rims. 

A statement necklace, a pair of eye-catching earrings, or some embellished bangles can make all the difference. Simply put them in your beach bag in the morning and you’ll be able to throw them on later.

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