In the digital age, with every flutter of celebrity eyelash and flash of famous flesh dissected and debated in real time online, it can be hard for a smaller, independent event to gain much – or any – traction online. It’s a competitive world out there and getting noticed isn’t as simple as having a great set of clothes and a clear, clever brand. But, with the right mix of promotional tricks, you can get your designs out there in the public sphere and on the lips and hips of those who matter. With that in mind, here are 6 IDEAL ways to promote your fashion event in real time and beyond.


First things first, every event needs to embrace the power of social media and the easiest way to do that is via a simple, creative hashtag. Indeed, using the simplest device in the social media toolbox to promote your event is a fantastic opportunity to create brand awareness and engage with the wider fashion community at large. So, find the perfect #Hashtag for your event and incorporate it into all the branding surrounding the bash.


The best way to promote your event in real time is to anticipate what’s coming, and target which moments will best capture the mood you want to present to the world. Create a schedule of the highlights of your event so you’ll remember when exactly to share the most happening moments in real time; reminding you to hashtag the hell out of it, as and when it takes place. The world of social media moves fast, and we all know that if you share something too late or worse, before it happens, then you won’t get as many interactions as you intended. Oh, and don’t forget to engage in any online interactions surrounding your event; a way of taking control of the conversation and steering it in the direction you desire.


It might sound crazy – desperate, even – but by getting some fake photographers to pap your event, you’ll create a real, visual buzz. These happy snappy impersonators can mimic red carpet photographers and make guests feel like true A-listers. And the effects of this radiance will look great on social media.

Equally, consider hiring a photobooth where guests can snap themselves in some garments from your fashion range. You could even consider hosting a competition – get your guests to post their best booth photo on social media with the events hashtag. One lucky winner could win something from the line, and you’ll win a whole lot of exposure. Perfect.


Invite the great and the good to your event, as every social media influencer, member of an entourage or genuine celebrity has a different story to tell and different set of followers. Encourage each and every one of them to do live coverage of the event for maximum reach.


You may think that wearing printed silicone wristbands in the UK isn’t exactly the most fashionable choice – especially at a fashion event. However, their enduring functionality for events of all kinds is unquestionable. Indeed, they are the perfect promotional item, representing a great way to spread branding. Here at IDEAL we love the idea of unique silicone finger and thumb rings too. 

To ensure people wear their wristbands, consider teaming up with a nearby bar for some cross-promotional activity. Perhaps people can go there after the event has finished and get a free cocktail inspired by your fashion brand if they show their silicone band, encouraging a length of loyalty which extends far beyond the function room door.


Any fashion event worth it’s manolo blahniks gives out a goodie bag. Everyone likes a freebie, and one of the best bits of attending a fashion event is the goodie bag. In many cases, it’s the incentive to attend. Of course, the actual goody bag needs to look the part; we suggest a canvas tote bag with your branding on it which attendees can use again. And the contents will likely dictate what gets shared on social media post-event, so make it unique and inspiring.


Rachel is the beauty and fashion director at IDEAL. She loves trying new products and is an avid fan of London's fashion, from the high end to the high street.