Ideal for dining-out, in, anywhere in the UK.

Just because you’re doing Veganuary doesn’t mean this month should be one of abstinence and self-denial. In fact, if you’re hoping to turn veganism into a more permanent fixture this year, then longevity is more likely assured with a few treats and restaurant-standard vegan meals along the way. 

Banish the stereotypes; following a vegan diet isn’t all quinoa, anaemia and lost calories. In fact, you can spoil yourself with delicious, slap-up meals without using any meat or dairy in the process. If you’re after a massive treat from the comfort of home this January, and showing that vegan meals can still be incredibly delicious, here are 6 of the best vegan meal kit boxes from London’s top restaurants, IDEAL for dining out, in, anywhere in the UK.


When cherished slingers of Bombay-style comfort food, Dishoom, announced they were going to start doing nationwide delivery of their famous black daal, breakfast naans, okra fries and more, many a foodie’s lockdown lifted somewhat.

For vegans, the good news is that Dishoom are now delivering their cult classic Breakfast Naan in vegan form. The Vegan Sausage Roll Naan Kit, which has been developed with Temper chef Neil Rankin, costs just £16 for two, and contains a sausage made from fermented vegetables and carefully selected dry spices to deliver that hit of umami we all crave. Vegan cream cheese, a sharp, spicy chilli jam and three (an additional ‘’one for experimentation’’ – because the first one never works, right?) naan dough balls seal the deal.

If that didn’t already sound like an absolute steal, two Masala Chai tea blends are thrown into the mix. Phwoar!

How much: £16 for two (with no minimum delivery order) 

When: Nationwide delivery everyday

Where to order: www.dishoom.com


Hoppers, the perennially popular purveyors of Sri Lankan street food, are also doing nationwide delivery of finish-at-home meal kits during lockdown. Through the restaurant’s own online shop, Cash & Kari (great name), you can now order from a selection of meal kits featuring some of the iconic dishes which have made this London restaurant so hot in recent years.

The Hoppers Vegan Meal Kit firstly contains a couple of delectable snacks; their very own Jafna Mix (a drinking snack of roasted nuts, lentils and gram chips, furnished with the restaurant’s secret spice blend) and two deep fried vegetable rolls, filled with sweet potato. For mains, of course, it’s four string-hoppers and a Sri Lankan favourite, breadfruit kari. At just £25 for two, the Vegan Meal Kit by Hoppers isn’t only delicious, it’s also great value for money. 

Hey, this vegan thing isn’t half bad.

How much: Minimum order £30 (extra roti and Jaffna spice mix can be ordered)

When: Nationwide delivery every Wednesday & Friday

Where to order: hopperscashandkari.com


Now, for a change of pace. Gauthier, the previously Michelin-starred, highly regarded French fine dining restaurant from acclaimed chef Alex Gauthier, has always been well known for its excellent vegetarian and vegan cooking. Though it’s not an entirely vegan restaurant, vegetables, more often than not, take star billing here, and the chef treats plant-based ingredients with the same reverence as a fillet steak or lobster tail. 

Vegan foodie pulses quickened, then, when Gauthier announced that the restaurant would be delivering a vegan finish-at-home 8-course meal nationwide, every Friday, in January 2021. 

Each box sees dishes changing weekly. Sometimes, it’ll be a classic French vegan feast, other times Japanese or even a meal themed around the food of Marrakech. It costs £75, and is designed to be enjoyed by a family of four. This Friday (15th January) the feast focuses on Japanese cuisine, and includes Maki rolls of avocado and ginger, buckwheat noodles in a dashi broth with shiso, and yuzu curd with soft sable amongst other delights. 

For a proper, restaurant meal and a massive treat to boot, Gauthier is your guy. What’s more, you can add wine-pairing into your at-home order for an extra £32, if you’re really intent on spoiling yourselves. Order early here to avoid disappointment; meal kits are limited and have proved hugely popular.

How Much: £75, feeding four people

When: Nationwide delivery every Friday

Where to order: www.gauthierhome.co.uk 


Speaking of the food of Japan, London’s favourite Haka Tonkotsu ramen bar, Shoryu, are now delivering meal kits of their all-vegan Shoryu White Natural ramen, clocking in at £24 for two people. We say it’s for two, but in all honesty, this could feed four. Rejoice!

Nourishing your hollow soul in the bleakest month of the year, Shoryu’s vegan ramen kit contains an incredibly deep and rich natural soy milk soup stock, ramen noodles, deep-fried tofu, sliced spring onions, pickled bamboo shoots and delicious Wood Ear mushrooms. Completing the bowl takes just ten minutes, and you’ll be rewarded with the type of food-cuddle which could warm you through even on the coldest of evenings.

When: Nationwide delivery on either Wednesday or Friday 

How much: £24 for 2 servings + postage and packaging of £6.94

Where to order: www.japancentre.com


One of London’s longest-standing Michelin-starred restaurants, Pied a Terre is an institution in the capital’s fine dining scene. It’s no surprise, then, that their Vegan Feast finish-at-home box, available for delivery nationwide, is the most opulent, celebratory vegan meal kit going in the UK right now. Costing £50, it’s also the most expensive kit on our list, but you really do get what you pay for here; fresh, quality ingredients and great cooking all round.

Arriving chilled and simply requiring warming at home, delivery is available on Fridays and Saturdays throughout January 2021 and likely further into the year. A selection of starters includes a silky, luscious globe artichoke soup, there’s gnocchi and kale pesto for mains, fantastic homemade bread and a delightfully wobbly pineapple pannacotta to finish. 

Do get your order in early, as this one sells out fast.

How much: £50 for two.

When: Nationwide delivery on Fridays only – collection also available  

Where to order: pied-gifting.co.uk 


For a proper party, complete with Margaritas, Mariachi and Mexican food, London’s beloved vegan taco restaurant Club Mexicana is guaranteed to get your evening popping. With delivery available nationwide every Friday, the restaurant has a range of 100% Vegan DIY taco kits available, with the Megabox Taco Kit being their most popular order.

Costing £50 and serving six, the Megabox contains a tower of corn tortillas, spiced vegan ‘beef’, BBQ vegan short ribs, vegan Al Pastor Shawarma and all the fixings, including a whopping seven sauces! Though the boxes take around half an hour to warm through and assemble, it’s a whole lot of fun doing so, and all part and parcel of the party.

For an extra £17.50, you can throw in a Margarita kit for each of you, too! This one feels seriously generous, and if you’re currently hunkered down, staying home and safe, then fear not; the leftovers are awesome with this one.

How much? Meal kits priced at £20, £27.50 and £50.

When: Nationwide delivery on Fridays only 

Where to order: shop.clubmexicana.com

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