Ideal for entertaining and for your own entertainment, too.

Everyone dreams of having a home that their friends love to hang out in. Right now, with heading out for your entertainment needs either impossible, advised against or associated with increased risk, making your house a more fun place to spend time in is actually the responsible thing to do! As if we needed an excuse.

It’s time to create a space friends want to visit, and equally, where you love spending time! With that in mind, here are 6 things to buy to make your home more fun, IDEAL for entertaining and for your own entertainment, too. 


You said you wanted to add some fun to your home, and nothing says fun better than shooting some pool or playing a bit of ping pong! Both a pool and table tennis table can create a sociable and fun atmosphere, perhaps with a little competitiveness thrown in, and are ideal for the home setting right now, as pubs and bars won’t be allowed to provide games like these for the foreseeable future.

You can find a range of English pool tables from Home Leisure Direct at


There’s just something about gathering around a fire, staring into it enigmatically and contemplating life’s bigger questions. To entice friends over to do the same, and share in some existential soul searching, why not invest (or build your own) firepit? 

Essentially, a giant sandbox for adults, with a fire pit right in the centre, you can add some permanently fixed benches around the area, or have friends bring their own beach or camping chairs. A great focal point and conversation starter, we think.


For foodies who love bringing friends and family together, then a wood fired oven in your garden is exactly what you need. A fun addition to your outdoor space and a hub for entertaining, too, the most affordable outdoor oven on the market will set you back around £250 for a portable one, whilst a larger version tops £2500. That, or you could make your own. Check out our guide on doing just that; how to build your own pizza oven in your garden in 5 simple steps.

Though this bit of kit is perfect for throwing a pizza party, don’t let the al fresco cooking stop there; fish, meat, veggies and even some baked desserts all taste amazing in a wood fired oven!


A home cinema in your house is the ultimate source of entertainment for your family and friends, whether it’s for gathering around to watch the footy or to screen the latest Hollywood blockbusters. 

If you have kids, they will love watching their favourite films on the big screen, homemade popcorn in hand. A projector works best for this, with a white wall to project on. Keep all the other walls dark to make it more effective and you’re good to go!


For the perfect home cinema set up, you’re going to need an appropriate sound system alongside that projector. When it comes to sound, there are generally two main options: 5.1 surround sound and 2.1 surround sound. The former means you’ll need five additional speakers spread out around the room while the second calls for just two. 

To go layman on you, in a smaller space, two speakers do the trick perfectly but in a large room designed specifically as an entertainment space or dedicated completely to film watching, a 5:1 will do that dedication justice.


When you were a kid, you’d get scolded for scribbling on the wall, but with a chalkboard wall you (and your children) can draw as much as you want, guilt and scold free.

Yep, kids will love playing games of noughts and crosses or hangman on the chalkboard wall. And for your adult friends, you can keep score while playing games like pool, beer pong, or have fun and draw some silly doodles. When you’re done, you can simply wipe it off and start again. A chalkboard wall makes a great addition to an area where you often entertain, such as your garage or games room, particularly.