The footy’s back on. Pubs will be open next week. We’re even allowed to ride Nemesis Inferno with our grandmothers, coronary stent in tow. But the question in the minds of shaggy manes and freshly shaved heads equally across the land is this; just when will hairdressers and barbers be open again?

While speculation is mounting that 4th July looks set to be the chosen, much yearned for date, getting your haircut in public from now on looks likely to be a very different affair. Expect masks worn by both parties, less of that friendly, informal chit chat and banter, and quite possibly, huge waiting lists due to the continued necessity for social distancing measures.

Hmmm. No surprise then, that more and more folk are attempting DIY haircuts at home. Though the outcome may be less slick, there are certainly perks; you save money, time and perhaps even nurture a new skill. For first-timers, there are a few essential pieces of advice to bear in mind before you begin. These are those; our 6 top tips for a successful DIY home haircut.


Nope, this thing can’t be done with nail scissors or worse, kitchen scissors or worst, garden shears! That is how you lose an ear.

Scissors and razors are the tools that will be doing the hard work in your home DIY hairdressers, so it’s worth the investment. A popular brand used by most barbers and salons use Yasaka scissors, which are nimble and efficient. For the ideal home haircut which doesn’t require dexterity and contortion to get the job done, you will ideally require different types of scissors depending on your preferred hairstyle and length. In any case, a pair of Yasaka scissors is a great starting point due to its preferred ratio of long blade to small handle. 

You’ll also need a couple of combs for moving the hair around while you or a helpful housemate is cutting and styling, and finally, a handheld mirror for that all-important post-cut check is essential.


Yep, we casually threw in mention of a helpful housemate in that previous paragraph for good reason. What, you thought you doing this thing alone? Let’s be honest, a safe, successful DIY home haircut is better achieved with a friend, partner or family member holding the scissors. There are hard-to-reach spots which even the most flexible of folk can’t reach. Instead, ask for assistance to avoid mishap, injury or simply ending up with an ill advised looking do.


You can always add but you can’t take away. Hang on, that’s not about hair cutting. What we mean is; you should approach this home haircut thing gradually, tentatively even, as you can’t add hair back onto your head which you’ve already cut off. Well, you could, but it would be a very expensive process. 


It’s always recommended that you work with squeaky clean hair for flawless DIY home haircutting. Grease and dirt can act as an impediment to gliding combs and agile strokes of the scissor blades. So, prior to getting down to business, make sure you wash the hair with shampoo and conditioner. Dry your hair with a towel and comb to untangle any knots.


Before anything, it’s good to make sure that those Yasaka scissors are clean and sharp. If they aren’t, you may need to use a sharpener to prevent damaging your ends. One can easily test the sharpness of their scissors by taking a piece of thread, doubling it up and running the scissors through the thread without closing the scissors. A sufficiently sharp pair should cut the thread easily and cleanly. 

Start the haircut from the nape of the neck as you go up to your forehead. Begin by trimming the hair in small snippets as you progress. Continuously comb the hair to see the length is even as you go along, and avoid the urge to rush or worse still, get experimental. An adventurous haircut is fine; one which got overly creative is, perhaps, not.


After the cut, it’s recommended to blow-dry your new hairdo using a round brush to flip the ends to make sure the cut is even. Be scrupulous here as a few rogue spots and uneven finishes are all but guaranteed in the amateur haircut. Apply a good hairspray to hold the style in place.