Ideal for a fresh, sophisticated domestic upgrade on a budget.

Have you ever peered into the pages of a luxury interior design magazine and wished your place looked the same? Or perhaps you’ve watched episodes of Cribs on repeat, and longed to be transported onto the cream sofa of that home cinema? Sometimes, it’s only the budget getting in the way. The willpower is there. The sense of style, too. But the good news is; this thing needn’t cost a fortune. Here are 7 furniture hacks to make your home look luxurious, IDEAL for a fresh, sophisticated domestic upgrade on a budget.


A king or queen sized bed is the perfect epitome of luxury. Not only do they emulate opulence but they also give great comfort. Your bedroom is your personal haven and a king or queen-sized bed can work wonders at bringing solace and peace. Opt for an avant-garde fine wood bed which speaks of superb craftsmanship and you’ll feel like you’re wearing a crown.


It might seem counterintuitive. But the first thing you’ll notice about every modern luxury space is minimalism. Yep, less really is more. Sure, you’ll require signature pieces and focal points, but always add with restraint in mind; it’s simply sophisticated. On the flipside, cramming loads of furniture will only make the space look congested and untidy. Keeping the décor simple with a few signature furniture pieces like a luxury velvet sofa, or a solid wood centre table, well placed on a single coloured carpet, will add pizzazz to your home without also bringing the clutter.


Coffee tables are so much more than a surface to rest your cup of Joe. They’re a lifestyle, a frame, a statement of intent… 

Indeed, if you ever look inside the house of a celebrity in those glossy magazines we were mentioning, you’ll always often notice a coffee table, front row and centre, demonstrative of a certain type of luxury living. Jump aboard the brew-based bandwagon.


Yep, even your choice of wardrobe can evoke a sense of exquisite taste. A well-designed wardrobe adds elegance to the room, and does so much more than simply store clothes and moths. Wooden wardrobes with built-in mirrors and sliding doors not only look the part – channeling that ‘dressing room’ energy associated with the stars – but are also highly functional. 


Dressing room energy? Well, why didn’t you say so? A dresser or dressing table lends a classy touch to your bedroom, that’s for sure. To look truly luxurious, invest in a dressing table that has a classic aesthetic. Choose something suggestive of a family heirloom (even if it isn’t) which has a vintage design for best results. 


Your living room is the space where most of your guests will be kicking back, and therefore, it’s crucial to make sure that you invest in a good sofa set. After all, what better way to conjure up images of luxury than bottoms parked plushly? Texture plays a very important role in creating that luxurious environment, so choose a sofa set you’d be happy to sink into. 

It’s best to select a neutrally coloured sofa so that it blends in seamlessly with the rest of your home decor. If you’re intent on bringing vivacity, a brightly coloured sofa throw or cushion set will make things pop.


Larger dining tables are adept at evoking opulence, too. For some reason, we’re thinking Henry VIII glugging cobra wine out of a golden goblet and bashing his hands on our dining table impatiently. But hey, is that just us?

Anyone, a long table is elegant, and throw in a statement chandelier (swing off it, if you must) and your space is looking properly fancy. We think wooden dining tables are a better choice than glass ones; the latter just has too many, Weeknd inspired, seedy connotations. What’s more, the wooden variant is sturdy and endures regular wear and tear with ease. 

Now you’ve gone all lux, don’t forget the little guy. Did our invitation to your next soiree get lost in the post?