Should you be planning an extra special family reunion or a Christmassy weekend away for friends in the near future, then you’ll be all too familiar with the Airbnb interface. As well as making travel more affordable and accessible than ever, the short-term rental site offers some fantastic home-away-from homes for groups of 10+, where elsewhere they might be difficult to find (and even more difficult to afford). We’ve scoured the site so you don’t have to, to track down the grandest, most opulent places for big gatherings. These are those; our 7 IDEAL Airbnb stately homes for a special group holiday in the UK.


Ever stayed the night in a converted church? Nope, us neither. And while the idea may call to mind seeking refuge after a natural disaster or something, this old but renovated Gothic-style church in historic Wells is pure luxury. The stained-glass windows and other original features make it look like something straight out of a fairy-tale; just imagine the kind of photo opportunities you and the squad will have with this one.


The village of Goudhurst, Kent, in south east England, close to Maidstone and Tunbridge Wells, is home to Finchcock’s Manor. This historic building has gorgeous views of the surrounding countryside and feels a little bit like stepping back in time and away from the relentless rat race of city life we’re sure you’re running each day. As well as being available for rent on Airbnb, Finchcocks also offers boutique piano courses for adults, with 20 courses running in 2020; an intriguing proposition for a holiday we think.


Now for something a bit more contemporary. This is the private home of Stuart McAlpine Miller, who lives there with his wife Nikki McAlpine Miller. The house was built all the way back in 1835 and has a superb view of the nearby Highlands, but inside, it’s all pop art flourishes and a sense of whimsy. Indeed, the décor is what you’d expect from a modern artist; funky, bold and exceptionally bright. The home has the feel of a museum or art showcase to it, and you’ll need to remind your group to keep their hands off these unique works of art!


The reason most people want to stay in Hereford is for the views; the surrounding countryside is simply gorgeous and nicknamed ‘the land of milk and honey’ for its world-renowned artisanal food and drink producers. At the Traverse Gantry, the hot tub has spectacular views of its gorgeous rural setting, with a large glass door opening out to the countryside below. If you’re up for a little activity, then the ping pong and pool table allow you to pretend you’re getting a little workout during your stay in this idyllic setting.


Many a child’s wildest dreams involved living in a castle, and you can make that dream come true with this Airbnb stay. Located on a spacious estate of more than 1,500 acres, Castle Lachlan grants plenty of room for privacy and roaming. Your group can enjoy long hikes on the property in this Scottish hamlet, and looking out from the castle, you’ll get a spectacular view of Lock Fyne; great for staring wistfully over while you sip local Scottish whiskey, we think.


Carlogie House is one of Scotland’s most impressive mansions. It offers rooms for up to 24 people and is built in the imposing but impressive Victorian style. Not content with simply having one, there are several gardens (two acres, in fact) for kids to run free in, and the spa here is simply delightful. Take some time to relax in the steam room and let the stress just melt away. Though feeling cooped up and claustrophobic is impossible here, the historic town of Carnoustie is just a short walk away.


Built in the Jacobean style, this gorgeous manor house dates back to 1620 and is located near historic York. Crayke Manor is dominated by heavy wooden beams to create a comfortable, cosy and atmospheric space. 17 acres of meadow belong to the property, and it’s only half an hour drive from gorgeous, historic York. If you’re looking for inspiration on what to do there, check out these; our 7 IDEAL things to do on a city break in York.

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