7 Of The Best Low-Commitment Reality Shows On Netflix Right Now

Sure, you may scoff. We must confess we do, sometimes. But reality TV is here to stay, and sometimes, a cheeky episode or two of something inane and unchallenging is exactly the escape we need during these tough and turbulent times.

Indeed, as BBC Culture posited at the business end of last year, ‘’While reality TV may not be held in much critical esteem, its growth over the last two decades has been extraordinary’’, wielding a power that is capable of accelerating positive change. 

And who can argue with that?

Admit it; the ol’ idiot box certainly wouldn’t be as entertaining without reality TV shows, that’s for sure. As tragic as it sounds, we do become engrossed in others’ lives being documented on TV, enjoying a voyeuristic kind of pleasure observing the sometimes lavish, sometimes louche, lifestyles.

Thankfully, Netflix has come to our rescue in the reality TV department and we don’t solely need to rely on live TV channels to display our favourite raw content. If you are struggling to narrow down the best watches, then say no more. Here’s a short list of 7 of the best low-commitment reality shows on Netflix right now.

Selling Sunset 

For lavish lifestyles, homes, and (now) celebrities selling on their highest-class properties, be sure to tune in to one of the best reality shows on Netflix, Selling Sunset.

A huge hit since its release in 2019 and now 5 seasons in, Selling Sunset has proven to be an extremely popular watch, and can we blame viewers for intensifying its popularity? Absolutely not. With an never ending array of lavish homes, home interiors, and an overabundance of drama thrown in for good measure, Selling Sunset is definitely not a show to be missed.

Celebrity Ex On The Beach 

If you want to witness the curious dynamics and challenging personas of a variety of different reality TV shows all rolled into one, then taking the plunge into Celebrity Ex on the Beach may be a great route to head down. 

We say ‘plunge’ as watching episodes of this UK reality show will pull you in for a dramatic ride (with a fair amount of frolicking in the pool and the sea, too!). With the likes of Joey Essex, Megan Mckenna, and Charlotte Crosby featuring in the show, as you can imagine, it is nothing short of entertaining (or incredibly irritating, depending on your disposition). 

If you have a love for typical UK reality TV, you are bound to be in your element with this one. 

Keeping Up With The Kardashians 

If you are one of the very few who haven’t made the transition to Disney Plus to tune into the new series of The Kardashians, then perhaps you may want to make use of Netflix to view their older (and rawer) content. After all, it is extremely entertaining watching America’s most famous family grow up on our screens. 

Netflix holds seasons 5 to 10 on their platform covering the life and scandals of the popular Kardashian family, as we view their relationships, work commitments, event attendances, and even their lows when they come to blows with one another. There’s a reason they have been on our screens for twenty-plus seasons; it still remains one of the best reality shows around.


Have you ever sat with your family in the evening hours and viewed the very best (and very worst) of live TV? The running commentary can be quite hilarious at times, don’t you think?

If you want to see other households do the same, then be sure to tune into Gogglebox on Netflix. This hit show also features on Channel 4, for those who would prefer to catch it on live TV (click here for TV aerial installations), with the latest episode on every Friday night at 9pm. 

In fact, the show has become so popular that some of the main ‘characters’ have become household names.

We can guarantee that you will be sure to be entertained by the comments and remarks made by this variety of different households, and it is an easy viewing programme. What more could you ask for? 

Tattoo Fixers 

Another British reality favourite has got to be Tattoo Fixers. With a team as creative and as talented as these tattoo artists, any regretful mistake can be covered up with a remarkable new design. Based in London, the team spends their day-to-day work life on the series covering up the dreadful, crude, and just downright regrettable tattoos of the British public. 

The client describes to the artists their ideal cover-up and after a few sketches, they choose their preferred design. The best part of the show? The audience gets to hear the background story and how the tattoo came about! Very interesting to say the least.  

Geordie Shore  

Take a trip to the wild side and tune into what was once the hottest TV show to be featured on MTV. Although its viewing figures have somewhat lessened over the last few years (they really have tried to drag it out with any cast member they can find), Netflix provides some of the original classics, with some OG stars, that will be sure to take you on a trip back down memory lane. 

Involve yourself in the antics taking place in “the Toon” aka Newcastle upon Tyne, as these party-driven and boisterous young adults spend their lives partying, drinking, socialising, arguing, and ultimately living their best lives all under the one roof.  

Too Hot To Handle 

To finally round up the best reality shows on Netflix, we couldn’t forget to mention the Netflix Original, Too Hot to Handle. Think of the popular British TV show Love Island but with a twist. With the usual attractive contestants, bikinis, sun, new relationships, and a hint of drama, the only difference is that they are unable to have physical contact with each other. This show can be very entertaining at times, and if you also want to get yourself excited for your summer vacation – in a weirdly voyeuristic, distant way – then it’s great for that, too!  

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