…IDEAL for those wanting to give the casinos a swerve.

So, you have a birthday party to host in the City of Sin? Well, doesn’t that write itself? Booze, betting and debauchery, then a return home with a broken bank balance and morals compromised. But it doesn’t have to be that way. If you’re a group intent on something more wholesome, then fear not; Vegas can be just as fun away from the strip. With that in mind, here are 7 unique birthday party ideas in Las Vegas, IDEAL for those wanting to give the casinos a swerve.


Aside from boasting a stunning view perfect for hosting an unforgettable al fresco birthday party, there are plenty of activities to enjoy in the Grand Canyon area to make the three hour drive from Vegas worthwhile. This stunning destination is considered one of Nevada’s most unique ecological destinations, which slices over the Hoover Dam and through the Grand Canyon in dramatic fashion. After you blow out the candles, there’s kayaking, marine life, hiking and wildlife watching all to keep you entertained. 


A little mystery solving is only natural on your birthday. Like, what’s the meaning of life? And how have I got this far without dying? But for something a little less existential, an escape room, with all the pomp and glamour that its Vegas location implies, is a great way to spend an afternoon or evening with friends. Who said you need drink to bond with friends? We think problem solving can bring you even closer together, without the hangover which follows! 

If you’re unsure how they work, you can read more here to see if it suits your sense of adventure. Of course, if you fail to solve the mystery, there’s a time limit, and you can always try again on your next trip. 


Nevada’s most popular aquarium is a great place to enjoy your birthday party, as it allows you to discover the hidden secrets of the sea with your friends. This makes SeaQuest Las Vegas a great way to experience some razzle dazzle without having to step foot in a casino, with exotic marine life including toucans, caimans and sharks providing the thrills.


If you’re feeling a little fancy, you can host yours or your friend’s birthday party on the pristine Lake Mead, where the sparkling waters of the lake offer a relaxing getaway from the manmade mayhem of Vegas proper. You’ll find boats of varying sizes and amenities at the harbour, but it’s best to book a boat online before you go rather than just rocking up.

Rates vary hugely depending on the size of boat, with small vessels starting at around $60 an hour going all the way up to $500 an hour or more for something truly bougee and well appointed. Choose your poison.


If you’re planning on celebrating a birthday at nighttime, then Xplozone trampoline park offers adrenaline rising and thrills with everything from a jump and dodgeball arena to slam dunk zones and vertical ops. While this location is best suited for children and teens, there’s no age limit on who can have fun in this interactive park. 

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