New Year, New Decor: 7 Ways To Add A Touch Of Luxury To Your Home In 2024



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Whether you’re looking forward to being able to entertain guests in the near future or you simply want to make it feel as comfortable as possible, the luxury appeal can add a lot to any home. The room that might benefit the most from it is none other than the living room.

Aside from encouraging sociability in that all-important of rooms, these tips are also going to give it a sense of class, prestige, and value. Here are 7 ways to add that luxury appeal to your living room this year.

Try Out Natural Materials

While synthetic materials aren’t always going to spoil the look of luxury, they’re not exactly going to contribute to it, either. If you want your room to feel classy, then you might want to look to the natural world instead, and the concept of biophilic design, which has been making some serious waves in the world of design in recent years.

Real hardwood floors can make a big difference, as can furniture that is clearly of high-quality wood in and of itself. Other ways to incorporate natural materials can be using things like a granite countertop if you have counters or shelves on the wall. If you have stone walls, you may even choose to expose them to let their natural appeal shine out onto the rest of the room, unimpeded.

Make Good Use Of Your Walls

Your walls offer a lot of vertical space that you can play with but the truth is that they often go underutilised, which can make a room look and feel rather flat. If you want to create a focal point for the room, then the largest wall not occupied by windows is going to offer the most potential for space to play, by far. 

You can make use of large-scale wall art that’s bold and immediately captures the attention of those coming into the room. Luxe design is all about aesthetics, so you want to go with something artistic more than personal. Otherwise, a great way to add a lot of character and texture is to add some cladding to the wall. It will do a great job of setting the feature wall apart from the rest of them, too.

To further elevate your space, consider selecting artwork for the living room that complements your existing decor. This can bring a cohesive and polished look to your interior design.

Let Lighting Get More Elaborate

What lighting fixtures do you have in your living room? If it’s just a regular main light, you could be missing an opportunity to make better use of your ceiling space. For instance, Murano glass chandeliers are perhaps the pinnacle of luxury, and can help you ensure the area is still well lit, too. 

What’s more, using a gorgeous and elaborate fixture that can act as a focal point of the room and draw the eyes up from the floor is a neat touch which expands the room and makes it feel more luxurious. 

You should also consider layering your lighting. As well as the ambient (or main) light of the room, a couple of lamps or wall sconces could provide some accent lighting to create a feeling of warmth and to get rid of any distracting shadows.

Let It Shine

Light works better in a room when it has a lot of shiny surfaces to play with. Contemporary options like chrome might not suit a more old-fashioned sense of luxury. However, mirrors of all shapes and sizes will work great. You need to be certain that you’re not choosing a mirror that’s too large for the space as, if you go overboard, things can definitely start to feel a little cluttered.

What’s more, another great way to add some shininess to the living room is to look for crystal furniture, as well. You don’t want to go overboard and make it look like the whole room could start breaking if you sneeze on it, but it can work well to contrast some of the more solid elements.

Draw Some Better Conclusions From Your Windows

Believe it or not, your window treatments and how you dress your windows can help you add quite the dollop of luxury to the living room. Curtains work fine as a way to dress your windows, but if you’re only using something contemporary, they don’t tend to fit very well with a more luxury-styled room.

One option to consider might be adding something like European-style shutters, which have a sense of timelessness and a distinct character that is hard to compete with. They add more depth to the windows, as well, which helps to give the room a sense of dimension instead of looking more flat as some do.

Perhaps even better still are designer window blinds, which are are not merely functional elements designed to control light and privacy, but also sophisticated accents that can elevate the aesthetic of any home. With their sleek lines and sumptuous materials, these blinds can introduce a sense of luxury that resonates throughout the space.

The luxury of designer blinds lies in their meticulous craftsmanship and attention to detail. From the precision of their fit to the quality of their materials, these blinds are a testament to the art of interior design. They can be custom-tailored to fit any window size, ensuring a look of bespoke elegance that off-the-shelf options simply cannot match.

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Show Some Age

Luxury design, to a large degree, calls upon the sense of timelessness and class that we often associate with design trends of the past. You don’t need to decorate your entire room like a noble Parisian boudoir from over a century ago. However, just finding one great piece of antique furniture to use in the room, even something like an antique mirror, lamp, or otherwise can help to bring a sense of both history and gravitas to the room. It also makes the room look a lot more expensive, which is the entire point of looking luxe, as far as some are concerned.

Play Keep-Away With The TV

We’re leaving this tip to last because it is a little contentious. Some see hiding the TV as going a little overboard considering how ubiquitous they are as part of a modern lifestyle. However, others view it as a key cornerstone of a thorough decluttering process, it might not be as difficult as you might think. 

For instance, some people will install things like cabinets with doors that can close over and keep the TV and any tech inside. Otherwise, consider using recesses in the wall and cover them up. The benefit is that it helps a room that has a more old-fashioned design truly feel a lot more classic. What’s more, a lot of people don’t like the feeling of having the TV dominate the space as the focal point of the room when there are better options.

Alternatively, you can add a dresser to your living room, which not only acts as a TV stand but also as a storage space for living room essentials like video game controllers and charging cords, board games, kids’ toys, spare pillows and blankets, and anything else in your living room. Though the TV won’t be hidden, the dual purpose nature of the piece will make it less conspicuous.

The Bottom Line

With the tips above, you can add some real refinement and style to the living room, helping it capture the eyes and imaginations of all who enter.

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