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Spring has sprung, and while the weather is certainly taking its sweet time to get properly warmed up, blue skies and sunny afternoons are on the horizon, make no mistake! 

Finally, we can start to consider turning off your home’s heating, flinging open the windows and letting fresh air flow into our homes. And with it, can you feel a fresh, optimistic outlook in the air? 

Whilst we’re in this curious state of limbo, somewhere between lockdown and liberty, suddenly so much attention seems to be falling on our windows; through which we can see a glimpse of sunnier, brighter times ahead. 

It’s time to draw the heavy curtains, banish the Winter blinds, and let some sunshine in. If you’re looking to lighten things up in tune with the new season, then here are 5 ways to dress your windows this Spring.


Since we likely won’t be traveling this Summer, we’re going for a tropical window dressing to bring home fond memories of holidays far flung. 

If you want to introduce the essence of Bali and other tropical countries to your window, then start with plants. The serenity that the green, tropical foliage brings to your home can be soothing and rejuvenating in equal measure, especially in the relative drab of Britain.

While it’s hard to replicate lush tropical landscapes, filled with gorgeous green foliage and a vast array of brightly coloured flowers, rest assured that there are some vibrant indoor tropical plants that can flourish indoors here; Birds of Paradise, Orange Phalaenopsis Orchids, Ginger Lilies and Arum Lilies are just some of our favourites.

When it comes to window coverings, bamboo blinds are the only way to go. Moreover if you have a seriously sunny room, such blinds are ideal, giving you privacy while still letting in some of that much needed sunlight. Plus, they are one of the more affordable blind options out there. 

Alternatively, you could go with some interior wooden shutters or dress your window with sheer voile curtains, just like the ones that blow in the breeze when you’re on holiday and create a whimsical feeling while doing so. 


It looks like we won’t be going on any Mediterranean holidays to the Spanish coast this year, either. Instead, welcome Spain to your home; shutters are a mainstay of Spanish interior design and bring a warm, welcoming vibe even in reticent ol’ Blighty. 

Actually, that reticence might chime with Spanish shutters, after all. According to El Pais via Lonely Planet, “the principal reason (shutters are so popular in Spain) is that while Spaniards are friendly and open, they are protective of their private lives and don’t wish their neighbours to have access to what goes on in their homes”. 

Should you be looking to fuse supreme privacy with a stylish touch this Spring, Spanish shutters could be for you.

If you’re keen to consider your privacy further, then interior shutters could be a prudent move. These are great for anyone who lives in an area with views which are just too good to obscure. Internal shutters can easily be adjusted for privacy, light or shade, and are perfect for creating a minimalist look for the home. 


Alternatively, linen makes great, lightweight drapes and blinds for Spring time, offering enough shade to keep the house cool on warmer days while also lapping up all that beautiful natural light during the day. 

Or, consider Roman or cascade blinds, which are perfect for framing the window while also bringing in the sun, and can be decorated with floral prints. At night, they can be brought down to add privacy and keep the house feeling cosy. 

Outside, if you have window sills, you can fill these with beautiful window sill planters of Springtime flowers to add a light, fragrant and seasonal feel to the house. 


If your house isn’t particularly light, and you’d love to open the space up for the future, why not get new windows entirely? Casement windows are the perfect way to add a spacious feel to the home while also opening up the room for a lighter and brighter environment, if you’re short on space and light, consider introducing skylights.


If you’re lucky enough to have a bay window, then build in some seating to it. If not, installing a small chair with the best view in the house offers a Spring sunspot, where you can bask in any sunlight streaming through the windows and enjoy the fresh breeze, too. Bridging the gap between the inside and out by having somewhere to chill directly next to the window is so important right now, when we’ve been stuck inside for so long, don’t you think?


There are plenty of ways to update your home for the Spring, but by starting with the windows, you can bring in as much of the season into the house as possible. And whilst we realise it’s a long way off, if you love to play the long game then check out our article on ways to dress your windows in Winter for more interior design inspiration!

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