Ideal for accessorising your home in different ways every season

What day is it again? 

Much was made earlier in the year (it was this year, right?) of the global pandemic’s ability to warp our sense of space and time, and things have only got stranger since. 

Reports suggested that our very perception of time has shifted during COVID-19, with a study published in Science Daily finding that ‘’social and physical distancing measures put in place during the Covid-19 pandemic significantly impacted people’s perception of how quickly time passed compared to their pre-lockdown perceptions’’.

With more time set to be spent indoors in the coming months, disconnected from the natural world’s nostalgic reminders of the passing of time, this year and next, it’s imperative that you bring a little seasonality indoors to keep you anchored and in tune with the world.

With that in mind, here’s 7 IDEAL ways to add a touch of seasonality to your home. 


Perhaps the easiest way to add a touch of seasonality to your home is via the introduction of seasonal plants. They bring colour and freshness, as well as a reminder of the time of year, and have even been suggested to improve air quality along the way (though the science surrounding that one is still up for debate).

For Summer, succulents and cacti are adorable on windowsills, whilst monstera look great when placed next to the sofa. For Autumn, we’re rather fond of dried flowers.

Come Winter, cherry poinsettias (also referred to as the Christmas Star) adds a real sense of festivity. And of course, most of us already have a large evergreen conifer like a Fraser, Balsam or Douglas Fir or a Colorado Blue Spruce in our homes over Christmas! 

Many people think that wreaths are just for Christmas. However, a wreath is a simple way to showcase the best seasonal foliage while adding some flair to your front door all year round.

Consider creating a display of seasonal fruit. A basket of fruit not only looks good, but it also tastes delicious. In Autumn, we can’t resist a spread of apples, pears, plums and figs, all begging to be picked and eaten. Phwoar.


An obvious way to add a touch of seasonality to your home is via the careful placement of seasonal ornaments and trinkets. 

A jar of seashells is so symbolic of Summer, don’t you think? Go further, and deploy a bowl of conkers to herald the changing of Summer to Autumn. Aside from looking lovely, folklore has it they also keep spiders away! Apparently the oil or scent puts the spiders off; dotting them around your home may just keep the critters from invading as the seasons change. 

A display of squashes and pumpkins is also great for Autumn; just make sure they don’t rot on your watch! For Winter, some pinecones set the tone tactfully. And let’s not forget those sparkly reindeer on the living room shelf and a mess of fairy lights in a vase. Magical stuff indeed.


Channelling the energy of a specific time of year ought to extend far beyond the visual appeal of your house; you can exploit all the senses here, and smell plays a huge role in bringing the comfort of the season into your domestic space. 

Candles are the obvious go-to, but they’re not the only vehicle for improved aroma; diffusers, popery and incense can all do their bit, too. In terms of succinct scents of the season, early Christmas spices work well, as do the emergent fruits of the season, such as apple, plum and blackberries. Walnut and hazelnut are equally evocative of Autumn and give off a fantastic aroma to boot. For summer, zesty citrus and tropical smells bring that fresh, exciting ambience.


After summer’s never-ending orgy of bright yellows, grass-greens and the azure of a twinkling ocean, it’s time to move into maroon, dark green and orange as Autumn rolls into view. Earthy, rich shades take precedence as the season shifts, while Winter, of course, invites reds, forest greens and tones inspired by jewels into the home.

The way you introduce these new tones is up to you but we wouldn’t recommend repainting with abandon. As time marches on, seasons are fleeting and it’s one hell of an ask to be changing your home’s colour scheme that often. You can, however, bring in throws and cushion covers of the requisite colour to add a temporary change in tone. Which brings us to our next point… 


Anything from new cushions in seasonal hues to bedspreads and throws can give the requisite seasonal ambience you’re after. Take Autumn, for example. Practically and aesthetically, the emergence of Autumn should coincide with you warming your room with thicker sheets and more tactually minded throws.

Winter is the ultimate time to bring texture and warmth to the home. Not only because of that inevitable drop in temperature, but also as indoor aesthetics, and the comfort they bring, start to take on greater importance during the shorter days and longer nights. Introduce velvet cushion covers, thick, fluffy throws and flickering candles to create a warm Winter ambience


The way you illuminate your home should also change in tandem with the shifting seasons. With Winter comes shorter days and as such, cosy and ambient mood lighting is necessary. Since we get more use out of our lights in the Winter than any other season, consider investing in your lighting scheme to see you through until Spring. Layered lighting with luxury lampshades, which reliably emit warm, ambient hues, can help to achieve “peak cosiness” while still keeping your interiors stylish in Winter.

In summer, we’re rather fond of those large round white paper lanterns to bring about an airy, flowing feel to the room, or simply letting the sun do its thing. The days are long enough, after all. 

Spring is all about welcoming in as much natural light as possible into your domestic space, to herald the end of the darker days and to celebrate the hope of brighter months to follow. As such, it’s a time for decluttering, paying particular attention to removing any items which are blocking the flow of natural light through your home. A couple of carefully placed mirrors may also be hung, to bounce Spring’s natural light around and emphasise a lightening in mood and aesthetic.


As the season’s change, the way your home performs changes too; rearranging your furniture seasonally to take advantage of natural light is one of the most simple, surefire ways to make the most of the season.  

By the middle of December, the sun will be setting shortly before 4pm, having only risen eight hours previously. Come this time of year, we’re all on a carefully-rationed sunshine diet. As such, whilst the sun is up, it’s important to embrace as much light as possible. Consider moving your bed, sofa or favourite armchair next to a window so you can bask in any sunlight streaming through the windows. 

Also, with Winter comes a lower sun, meaning its glare when you’re during the day is often increased. Indeed, even though Winter is the darkest season, the light coming through the windows can become a bit of a nuisance as the sun is lower, with its excessive glare making it hard to your TV and computer screens. Changing your furniture around, then, to optimise its potential in relation to the sun’s glare is a good idea. If you have the patience, that is!