Are you learning how to drive or returning to driving after a period away, short on confidence and recent experience? That first time back behind the wheel can feel both exciting and terrifying in equal parts. Let’s face it; the driving school you sign up for plays a crucial role in solidifying the fundamentals of driving. Whether you’re a parent looking for a driving school for your teenager or an adult one for yourself, here are 8 IDEAL tips for selecting the right driving school.


Once you find a few suitable driving schools in your area, go over to their facility and check them out. Instead of discussing your requirements over the phone, perhaps not making your particular needs precisely clear, you can get a much better idea of their professionalism and expertise in person.


Ask your friends, family and work colleagues for recommendations. There are high chances that at least one person has signed themselves or their child up for professional driving lessons recently. This an easy and reliable way to find a trustworthy school or instructor. Because, after all, word of mouth remains as reliable a form of recommendation as ever.  


It’s imperative to check out the vehicle that will be used for driving lessons before beginning. Assess your potential car for damage and proper signage marking it as a learner’s car. Also, ask if the car was inspected recently to determine if it’s safe for driving. Generally speaking, driving schools use dual-control cars for extra safety. It’s a bonus if a driving school offers lessons in one.


The driving instructor heavily influences a person’s driving style and knowledge. While an ideal instructor is strict and clear, they should also be friendly and patient; a fine balancing act, we think. You should ask about their experience in this field and whether they have the proper certifications and licenses. Also, the driving school should’ve conducted a background check. Jason M Thorne is a reputable driving school with DSA approved driving instructors. Head over to their website for affordable driving lessons. 


Learning the rules and regulations of driving is essential, but physical training and getting stuck in is the best way to improve fast. You don’t want to choose a school that primarily focuses on theoretical knowledge and doesn’t provide adequate hands-on training; you’ll not get where you want to be.

From a suburban road to a busy highway, a good driving school should teach students how to drive in all kinds of situations. Look for a driving school that offers substantial, hands-on driving practice. 


Getting on the road for the first time can feel a little unnerving, which is completely normal and nothing to be concerned about. You should take all precautions necessary by making sure the driving school’s vehicle is insured and had the required plating. In case an accident occurs, your medical expenses will be covered and you won’t have to pay it out of your own pocket.


If you lead a busy life, you’d need a driving school that can arrange lessons to fit your schedule. Many driving schools offer early morning and late-night driving lessons to suit working and school hours. You should also consider finding a school that offers remedial lessons in case you miss a class.


When there are so many options available, choosing becomes all the more difficult. If you’re stuck between a few options, go for a driving school that offers extra services. From mock driving tests to virtual driving lessons, additional benefits are out there if you ask.