Here at IDEAL  we believe that  the kitchen is the most important room of our home. It’s where the good stuff goes down; where we cook for our friends, eat with our family, and test our baking skills. We believe that a kitchen should nourish your body and your soul. As such, it should be a space you enjoy spending time. If your kitchen doesn’t do either, then it may be in need of a facelift. But worry not, you don’t have to spend a fortune do to so. Here’s 8 IDEAL ways to refresh your kitchen that won’t break the bank.


It’s possible to give your kitchen a completely new look by simply replacing the cupboard doors. There are many different colours, styles, and materials to choose from, whether you want to spice up the look or just inject some style with a variety of colours and textures.

Another option is to repaint the doors you’ve already got. Wooden doors will need to be primed before painting, or the finished look will be ruined. If you’re not that good with a paintbrush, there is also the option of using plastic film wraps. Simply peel off the plastic back and stick it on. This type of surface is very easy to clean and when you get fed up with it, peel it off and stick on another one.

If you want to make an even smaller, but still very effective change, you could change the door handles. Most handles can be unscrewed and replaced with something different. It could be a different colour, style or type of material.  


Ok, so this change costs a little more than replacing the cupboard doors, but it is one change that makes it look like your whole kitchen has been renovated. Worktops have the power to make or break the finish of your kitchen so choose very wisely. There are a wide range of options when it comes to replacing your worktops, and the difference in price can be quite significant. Learn more about the different options before making your final decision. 


When it comes to a kitchen, the right lights are important. Indeed, good lighting can improve a kitchens functionality no end, while a poorly lit kitchen can lead to all sorts of mishaps; salt instead of sugar, for instance, or the loss of a finger whilst chopping. Moreover, good lighting can add to the ambiance of the kitchen and create a more welcoming space for friends and family.

Changing the lighting can be a very effective way to transform the atmosphere in your kitchen. Pick the right lights, and they can set the mood, define your style and attract the eye towards any other details in the kitchen. It’s also possible to make a room look much bigger than it actually is by making use of various lighting tricks.

Bear in mind that when you’re changing the lighting, there are certain areas of the room you need to concentrate on. For example, the areas where you prepare food, eat, and relax should be lit accordingly. Also, think about the changing light levels during the day. There may be areas of your kitchen that need to be illuminated most of the day. If you want to illuminate specific areas such as your kitchen worktops or an island, recessed downlighting brings more focus.


If you want to make your kitchen appear larger than it is, you should introduce open plan shelving. It provides you with an opportunity to show off any fancy plates, bowls or crockery you might have, but it also makes items easier to reach. No more fumbling at the back of a cupboard or standing on tiptoes while you try to reach your favourite cup. Open plan shelving also makes your kitchen more inviting.

You could consider adding a little greenery to your open plan shelving. Placing plants and cut flowers to your kitchen is a great way to liven up the space and emphasise that fresh, natural feel synonymous with great food as well as ambience. Go one step further and place them in bright pots and vases for extra style points (though don’t over do it or you’ll be advising guests to bring sunglasses on their next visit).


For many people, this is the cheapest and quickest option. After all, who doesn’t like a room when it’s had a fresh coat of paint. Paint the walls and the ceiling if you want a completely new look. Otherwise, you could choose to paint a feature wall or add a chalkboard. Try a little experimenting and let your creative side loose. If you don’t like what you’ve done then simply paint over it and start again. There are some great designs if you don’t mind wallpapering. Kitchen wallpaper is specially designed to withstand water, heat, and grease as well as being easy to clean.


If you aren’t confident about painting the walls and adding a lot of colour to your kitchen in one go, kitchen accessories are ideal. They hint at individualism and self expression without going the whole hog and ruining the kitchen’s colourscape. Opting for colourful tea towels, oven gloves, and a few pots to keep your utensils in can really brighten up your space without being too overbearing. You could even recover or replace the cushions on your dining room chairs to bring that feel of the fresh. Also, an easy and fun way to refresh your kitchen is by introducing art to your space. Of course, you can add paintings and prints to your walls, but you could also add ornaments.


Tiles can be used to great effect if you want your kitchen to reflect your personality and taste. You could decide to opt for a completely new look and replace all of them. Alternatively, focus on the splashback and just change those. If you’re not too keen on such a job, it is possible to paint your tiles and create a new look. There are a range of different colours to choose from, and if you use a white grout pen, it adds another dimension.  


It’s usually when you renovate a room that you appreciate how much you’ve accumulated over the years. No more so than in your kitchen when there always seems to be a new product or gadget on the market. Take an afternoon and reorganise your kitchen cupboards, putting the things you use the most at the front. Finding space to pack away the items on your worktops will also improve the look of your kitchen and make it feel more spacious.