One of the biggest mistakes you can make on the job market is thinking about the ultimate career as a dream. A dream is an abstract concept, but it’s also an idea that is related to fantasy or imagination. It’s not something that you necessarily feel as though you can work towards and that’s a problem. You’re already be setting up psychological blocks in your mind between you and the perfect career. You might even be preparing a cushion that you can fall on if you don’t succeed. Well, you say to yourself, it was only a dream. Instead, think of your career, your purpose as a goal to strive towards. A goal is never completely out of reach and there are always possibilities on how you can get closer to it. Now, let’s look at some of the ways you can reach your goal of a great future career.

Don’t Fear Hard Work

If you think you can get something for nothing on the job market, my friend, you have already failed. You are going to need to prepare yourself for a lot of hard work, long hours and even a little humility if you are going to succeed. It’s going to be a long road and most people do start at they very bottom of the ladder. But you have to remember that each day you work at a job you hate you could be getting closer to a position you’ll love. Essentially, you need to be prepared to pay your dues. While there are people who succeed straight away and rise to the top, these are the exceptions, not the rule.

Get Some Help

It’s not always what you can offer on the job market as much as who you know. You do need great contacts if you want to be a success. You need to know how to network and you might want someone on your side. For instance, you can use a recruitment agency as a go between for you and employers. They will represent you and push you for positions that they think you’re suitable for. Recruitment agencies are exactly that, they are agents. They work on both sides of the desk benefiting the employee and the employer. In your case they can open doors that you didn’t even know existed.

Forget Your Fear Of Rejection

We can take the journalism industry as an example here. Assuming you are actually applying for jobs it can take about a year to find a full time position in the journalism industry. That’s one year where you’ll be going to multiple interviews and you’ll face a lot of rejection. But the good news is that the more times you apply, the more likely you are to succeed. Just make sure you keep pushing your envelope and strive towards the success you know you deserve. You can’t afford to be scared of rejection. Rejections is always going to be present on the path to reaching your goal.

Take this advice, and you can stop dreaming and start racing towards your future career.