It’s in times of strife and challenge that businesses show their true colours. In recent weeks, as the coronavirus crisis has worsened, there have been a raft of stories concerning companies who have sold their employees out, continuing to value profit and self preservation over public health. 

On the flipside, some brands, independents and people in the public eye have revealed themselves to be hugely charitable, compassionate people. And we all need some feel good stories right about now, hey? With that in mind, let’s celebrate the good guys; here are 5 things we’re into this week, 23.03.20.


When this thing’s all over and pub doors are flung back open, it’s to a Fullers we’re heading. Whilst some famous boozers continue to act deplorably, Chiswick based brewery Fullers have informed tenants that they are cancelling (not postponing) all commercial rent for all tenanted pubs until things improve. Now, that’s leadership. 

Let’s make sure that the good guys are remembered when we step out for that first celebratory pint later down the line. Until then, Fullers’ flagship beer, London Pride, is available in supermarkets. We’ll drink to that!


Former Manchester United and England defender Gary Neville has been the voice of reason for quite some time now; from his seat in the Sky Sports studio he held the Prime Minister to account on his effect on racism in football far more eloquently than most of the UK’s journalists. During the coronavirus crisis, he’s kept his two Manchester hotels, Hotel Football and The Stock Exchange, open for NHS staff to stay in free of charge. 

His hospitality company GG Hospitality also own the restaurant The Bull & Bear alongside chef and national treasure Tom Kerridge. For a celebratory meal when lockdown life is lifted, we’ll be heading north, to eat the restaurant’s signature mushroom risotto. We know where we’ll be staying to sleep off our food coma afterwards.


Another brewery? Surely not! We’re already a little squiffy from the London Pride. But Brewdog deserve some celebration, too. Whilst they used to be known for slightly irritating marketing stunts – like producing the word’s strongest beer, at 55% ABV, and selling it for £700 – they’re currently in the spotlight for more altruistic reasons. 

Last week, they began producing their own alcohol based hand sanitiser which will be available, free of charge, to those in need shortly. PR stunt or otherwise, this switching of production to giveaways is generous. We’ll pay them back by getting in a few Punk IPAs when we’re allowed to go to the off licence. 


Though we’re yet to try butcher David Jones’ rib of beef or lamb neck fillets (his shop is in Dewsbury, West Yorkshire), we’ve heard plenty about his charitable compassion for his community. The kind hearted butcher regularly donates meat parcels to families in need, and the great man recently announced that during the coronavirus crisis, he was going to donate all profits from his butchers back to helping the community get through this. Not all heros wear capes. Some, in fact, wear butcher’s aprons.


Locksmith, watch repair and general highstreet fixers Timpson’s have played a blinder thus far during the crisis. Though they’ve had to close all 2150 of their shops, all colleagues (their words, though we think it’s a lovely linguistic touch) of the company will remain on full pay. They’d already donated their office car park to staff at Wythenshawe Hospital, simply saying ‘they need it more than us’. Lovely stuff.

Such positive vibes shouldn’t come as a surprise. Director James Timpson is known as an all round good guy and the company Timpsons is well regarded within communities for helping unemployed people with free dry cleaning for job interviews, and giving opportunities to ex-prisoners to get back into work.

It’s behaviour like this which is hugely reassuring during times of crisis. We hope this spirit of generosity continues long after normal service resumes in the UK.