Easy DIY Projects To Get Your Home On Trend For Autumn 2023



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As searches for ‘DIY projects’ are up 800%, home and garden experts share easy, cost-effective, and on-trend DIY to try this bank holiday

Despite this being the first summer many have been able to enjoy without lockdown restrictions, the home is still a top priority for Brits, as Gtech has noticed a staggering 825% increase in searches for ‘diy projects’ compared to this time last year.

However, with the cost of living crisis continuing, it is no surprise that Brits are also looking for affordable solutions to refreshing their home décor, with searches for ‘cheap diy projects’ also up by 100%.

With August bank holiday providing the perfect long weekend for using your tools, homes and garden enthusiast Lucy Rhead, at Gtech, has shared 5 easy DIY projects to help you incorporate this year’s autumn/winter trends into your décor. 

Upgrade Your Feature Wall

Feature walls are by no means a new way interior trend, but rather than simply painting one wall a block colour, elevate your space by using shapes, such as an arch or circles. Adding colour and shape to one part of a wall is a cost-effective way to create a sense of purpose to your space, as it will frame furniture and show distinction between parts of your home.

Whether you want to opt for stencils or drawing your shape by hand, masking tape is a must for this DIY project, ensuring that you stay within the lines and have a clean edge to your design. 

If you want to incorporate this autumn’s must have colours into your design, go for earthy tones such as terracotta or chocolate brown, and don’t be afraid to experiment with a few different shades at once.

Retile & Refresh

An impactful yet relatively straightforward DIY project, tiling a wall in your bathroom or kitchen is a fantastic way to refresh and modernise your interior. Plus, tiles are also an easy way to incorporate patterns into your home, which have seen quite the comeback this year.

If you are replacing existing tiles, start by using a chisel to create a hole in the centre of your tile. Then, after loosening and removing the grout around each tile, use a hammer as well as your chisel to chip out the tile from the centre. Remove any dried adhesive remaining on your wall by gently tapping it with both tools. Once you have a smooth, flat surface, you will be able to apply your new design.

Upcycle For Added Ambience

Likely a result of the new appreciation that many people experienced for their home during the pandemic, one popular interior trend for autumn is to create intimacy and cosiness within the home. A great way to do this is by upcycling any old furniture or household items that are being neglected or you are thinking of replacing, to give them a new purpose in your home.

For example, an old step ladder, if sanded and redecorated, could become the perfect addition to a reading nook, complete with soft lighting and beautiful book covers. Candles are a great way to add ambience to a home, so why not create a bespoke candle holder by upcycling an old teacup, or even reusing glass jars that are waiting to be recycled.  

Get Creative With Storage

By thinking outside the box with storage, you can enhance your home’s style while also keeping your space organised and tidy.

One often overlooked storage solution, that is also a great way to inject colour into a room, is stacked wooden crates. Take at least three to four wooden crates and stack them together, experimenting with different arrangements and placements to see which design you like most. Securely attach the crates together, using screws and a drill.

These stacked crates can be painted and finished to suit your style, while also working as a portable storage solution that will suit different rooms, from kids’ bedrooms to bathrooms. 

Alternatively, consider making a shelving unit out of old crates too.

Garden Gate TLC

Giving your garden fence a lick of paint is a simple way to freshen up its appearance and the look of your home all together. This is also a good way to incorporate some of this season’s trending colours, earth-toned neutrals, into your exterior. Why not choose two or three shades you like, that complement each other, and paint your panels alternating colours?

You want your fence or gate to be as clean as possible before you begin painting, so start by giving it a brush with a hard bristled brush and hose down to remove any dirt. You will also need to scrape any old, flaking paint from your fence. 

Next, smooth its surface and any wood splints by sanding the wood down and then paint your gate with a good quality wood paint.

So there you have it, five easy and cost effective DIY projects to try your hand at this bank holiday.

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