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Looking good and feeling good tend to go hand in hand.  How many times have you walked out of the house with your hair in a top-knot, wearing yesterday’s tracksuit and an ill fitted bra, feeling like you can dominate the world?  

The key to looking good starts from within and then radiates out.  If our mood is good in the morning we tend to dress better and walk with more attitude.  We’ve compiled a guide to help you achieve a feeling of gorgeousness from the foundations.

Eat Well


We put a lot of effort into ensuring our cars have the right lubricants.  But how much effort do we put into our own bodies?  Imagine putting petrol into a diesel car, it simply wouldn’t work.  The key to feeling good lies with diet.  So stop skipping breakfast and kick start your day with a protein kick or a nutrient rich smoothie.  

Hydrate, Rehydrate

water 2

Our bodies can survive for a long time without food but starved of water you can die within 4 days.  Hydration is the king of clear looking skin and a fresh feeling body as it flushes all the toxins that build up from the outside environment or processed foods.  Aim for 2 ltrs a day or more if you are doing heavy cardio sessions.

Moisturise.  Every day

woman-legs-relaxation-beauty (2)

Nailed feeling good on the inside and your skin is already showing the benefits.  Coconut oil is a fantastic natural base to give your skin that extra boost.  It’s antibacterial so fantastic for keeping away spots and (eeww) any unwanted smells.  Whilst it might sound greasy, coconut produces quite a dry oil.  Use it on your face, body and even your hair.  You’ll smell great too.  Skin protection is important too so take a look at these Five Reasons You Should Be Wearing SPF This Winter

Getting The First Layer Right


We all know that feeling of getting home after work and pinging off our uncomfy bra but imagine getting home at night and taking everything else off except your bra.  Gorgeous underwear will make you feel sexy and when you feel sexy? You look sexy.  It radiates out of you.  Look for a great day to night set like this beautiful Empreinte French inspired collection.  

Comfort Is King


We aren’t suggesting topping off your hard work with a onesie, although that would be cosy.  When it comes to clothing you have to make sure the fit is spot on.  Ever bought a pair of skinny jeans that slide down your bum as you put your shoes on?  Take time to select your outfit and when buying clothes, ignore the size label.  Most high street shops have huge variations between sizes.  Cut the labels out if you must.  Just be comfy.

Smell Fantastic

perfume 1

Nothing is better than knowing you leave a trail of people behind you inhaling your awesome.  Invest in a good quality perfume which will leave you smelling glorious all day.  

These simple steps from the base up will ensure you rule every day.  Looking good and feeling great.  

Rachel Stevenson
Rachel Stevenson
Rachel is the beauty and fashion director at IDEAL. She loves trying new products and is an avid fan of London's fashion, from the high end to the high street.

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