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Game of Thrones is the best TV show EVER! So why wouldn’t you want to dress up as your favourite character this Halloween?  To help here are some amazing tips on how to host your own “Game of Thrones” party.

The Food

The food doesn’t have to be exotic, it just needs to have some resemblance to what would appear in the show. Think aged cheeses, dried berries, artisan breads, fruit like figs and dates, olives, and lemonsweet. Of course, you can make a huge turkey, or roast up some cornish hens, or even cook some chickens.

If you have any baking skills at all, try baking the bread, some pies, even blood sausage and some of the more exotic treats (if you’re up to it).

Vintage Drinks

Put out some cider, sweet cider, Autumn ale, barley beer, iced (and bold) wine – especially reds, spiced wine, claret, and honeyed wine (also called “mead”). These drinks will help get you and your guests get in the mood.

The Costumes

If you want to get good costumes, go to some place like Spirithalloween.com. They have a pretty wide selection of stuff that will fit the bill. Alternatively, you can try to piece things together yourself. The kinds of clothes you’d find in Westeros are going to be made of materials like leather, silk, velvet, and other rich and durable fabrics. If you have your heart set on authentic costumes, you can always shop Renaissance festival suppliers. Be prepared to spend a lot of money though. Where a Halloween costume might cost you twenty odd quid you may spend several hundred, or even thousands on a high-quality period piece.

The Music and Games

Every good party has music. Fortunately, this isn’t a terribly difficult problem to solve. There are a lot of great places to get your hands on Renaissance music – music with lots of flutes, guitar, and angelic voices. Search Amazon or troll YouTube. It’s out there. Or remember that little ditty by Ed Sheeran?

If you have the yard space for it, you can set up horseshoes in the back yard, play period games like Nine-Man Morris, Quoits, or Fox & Geese. Other games from the Renaissance period include Pallone, a game similar to volleyball.

You don’t typically see GOT characters playing games, but this is a party after all.

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