Just as we were getting used to slipping on our sandals every time we wanted to sashay into town, the season changed and the Weather Gods have deemed shelter and warmth a necessity for our tootsies. There’s a choice to be made here; quietly regress into the comfort of some tired, weather-ready old autumn favourites or react to the new season with corresponding bluster, and get noisy about your shoe choice. Autumn fashion needn’t all be muted, earthy hues and hygge, and your footwear is a great way to announce your fierce side. So, here’s our ideal guide to autumn footwear.


Back in early 2017, predictions were of an autumn spent with feet adorned in glitter. Back then it felt a crazy proposition, October was a long way off and we had vast stretches of sunshine to contemplate first. The year has sped by and now the prediction is finally set to be realised. Expect to see boots of glitter and sparkling high heels brighten up the coming months, keeping things radiant as the nights draw in and the mood threatens to darken. This extends to all things metallic and eye-catching; perfect for the duller months! We love the Flat Slip On Glitter Plimsoll Trainers available from online retailer Uppersole in a range of sparkly colours.


Seemingly in harmony with the autumnal colour palette comes fall’s affinity with military fatigues this 2017. In all actuality, this doesn’t simply mean camo colours in tune with the season, but more a style befitting of the sturdy, functional and powerful statements made by army fashion. This means combat boots with strong, heavy heels, high-set laces with colourful stitching against statement black, and of course, weatherproof leather.

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As the leaves turn this colour, so the footwear moves in tandem. If there is one hue  for your hooves this autumn it’s anything from the crimson to coral spectrum. Evoking fire and passion as juxtaposed against the most domestic, comforting season is a sure fire way to keep things interesting and individual when others are forgetting their carefree summer and turning functional.


Bringing all this frivolity back down to earth with a well cushioned bang is this autumn’s loafer love-in. This season is particularly fond of the sturdier, firmer rendition, in muted colours but with a bright, vibrant bow bringing up the stylistics. It’s this contrast; light and shade, functional and fun, brash and humble; that very much epitomises footwear this autumn. Also, owning a stand out animal-print piece can lift your autumn wardrobe and there are some gorgeous leopard inspired loafers out there.

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Statement heels are all the rage as we welcome autumn; the bigger, bolder and more outrageous the better. Now, you’ll be pleased to hear that ‘statement’ this season doesn’t translate to height; in fact, heels at a leaning angle are the most on-trend piece in the shoe game right now. Also bang in fashion are thick heels of gold and silver or circular ones. Honestly, this autumn where heels are concerned, it’s the brasher the better.