House Remodelling On A Budget: Simple Ideas & Smart Tips To Make It Happen



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Embarking on a house remodel doesn’t always mean a hefty price tag. 

Indeed, with meticulous planning, creative solutions, and a pinch of DIY spirit, homeowners can breathe new life into their properties without breaking the bank. Below we delve into home renovation ideas on a budget that not only enhance aesthetics but also add value.

How Do I Give My House A Makeover On A Budget? 20 Top Tips For A Budget House Renovation

Tip 1 – First Impressions Count: The Front Door

A simple yet effective home remodelling idea on a budget is to either repaint or replace your front door. 

A fresh coat can cost as little as £20, transforming the façade instantly. If replacement is necessary, doors range between £300£1000, offering varying degrees of grandeur.

Tip 2 – Introduce Statement Stair Runners

Revamp worn-out stairs with bold runners. 

For just a few hundred pounds, you can significantly upgrade a hallway, drawing inspiration from budget house renovations where homeowners used affordable IKEA rugs to great effect. 

Tip 3 – Reinvent with Paint

Painting floorboards is a wallet-friendly game-changer. Depending on the area, this can cost between £25£50, immediately uplifting rooms. 

Tip 4 – Rediscover Fireplaces

Reviving an old fireplace can be a cornerstone of remodelling an old house on a budget. While grand marble pieces may be pricey, cast-iron models offer character for as little as £400

Tip 5 – Cherish Cornices

Restore original cornices buried under layers of paint. While DIY can be economical, professionals can rejuvenate a room for under £1,000, ensuring authenticity is maintained.

Tip 6 – Customised Shelving Solutions

Utilise awkward recesses by building bespoke shelves. For those skilled in DIY, costs remain minimal. For those seeking professional solutions, options start around £945.

Tip 7 – Illuminate with Skylights

Transform dark rooms with off-the-peg skylights. Prices begin at £500, brightening spaces and boosting mood. 

Tip 8 – Garden Rooms: A Budget Extension

Consider garden rooms for extra space without the extension costs. While professional solutions can be pricey, DIY versions like revamped sheds can be surprisingly affordable. 

Tip 9 – Breathe Life into Old Sofas

Reupholstering old furniture can save considerable money compared to buying new. Expect to spend around £500£820, depending on the fabric choice and labour. 

Tip 10 – Opt for Artificial Lawns

Investing in artificial lawns provides a low-maintenance, evergreen garden solution. With prices starting from £9.99 per sq m, it’s an economical choice for greenery.

Tip 11 – Worktop Wonders

Upgrade kitchens with custom-built worktops, offering high-end illusions. Costs start around £1,000, ensuring kitchens are both functional and stylish. 

Tip 12 – Dynamic Splashbacks

A simple kitchen or bathroom update involves changing the splashback. Whether opting for tiles or glass panels, a few hundred pounds can deliver a dramatic change, and we all know that keeping things super clean is more transformative than any renovation project.

Tip 13 – Doors Make a Difference

Switching internal doors offers a subtle yet effective home transformation. Painting costs are minimal, while full replacements can cost between £300£500, depending on design and materials. 

Tip 14 – Power Your Shower Experience

Improve low-pressure showers with a pump and a thermostatic valve. Combined costs can be around £400.

Tip 15 – Showcase with Shutters

Window shutters add elegance and utility, especially for bay windows. Customised shutters, including installation, might be around £1,000.

Tip 16 – Opt for On-Trend Carpets

Bold carpets in high-traffic areas can revamp spaces. Costs might range around £480 to £730, including fitting and underlay.

Tip 17 – Resurrect Floor Tiles

Professionally cleaning and restoring old floor tiles can cost £1,000 for an average hallway, but the visual impact is priceless.

Tip 18 – Wall Panelling Elegance

Wall panelling is versatile and stylish, suitable for modern and traditional homes. Costs can be around £1,000 for feature walls.

Tip 19 – Rug Resplendence on a Budget

Bespoke rugs, tailored to your needs, might be priced around £194 per sq m, providing personal touch to your decor.

Tip 20 – Innovative Bathrooms on a Shoestring

Opt for standard off-the-shelf bathroom suites and enhance with designer taps or high-quality baths, making luxury accessible.

Home Remodelling Ideas On A Budget

Choosing to remodel a home can be simple, but actually pulling it off can involve a lot more time and effort than people expect. Often it’s a fine balance between time and budget. 

As the founder of, a British website that connects people with local trades professionals, Adam Clark understands the importance of the decision people face and recommends focussing on the desired outcome:

The decision to DIY or hire shouldn’t hinge solely on costs, but on the return in quality and peace of mind. Remodelling a house on a tight budget requires extensive research and meticulous planning. Identifying professionals that can increase your knowledge base whilst also delivering expert craftsmanship is often the best recipe for success.” 


What is the cheapest room to renovate?

Typically, smaller rooms like guest bedrooms or powder rooms are the most affordable to renovate, especially when cosmetic changes like paint or decor are the main focus.

What renovations can I do myself?

DIY enthusiasts can handle tasks like painting, tiling, basic carpentry, and gardening. However, for plumbing, electrical, and structural work, hiring professionals is advised.

What are the cheapest home renovations?

Repainting rooms, updating fixtures, landscaping, and adding new decor are among the most affordable home renovation options.

The Bottom Line

Whether you’re tackling a full house makeover or focusing on specific areas, there are countless ways to achieve impactful renovations on a budget. 

By blending creativity, research, and a touch of DIY, homeowners can transform their spaces without emptying their pockets.

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