How To Customise Your Wardrobe To Create A Whole New Style For Summer 2022

After enduring the remote, often reticent lifestyle of the pandemic, Summer 2022 has a particularly special, anticipatory air. 

And we think it’s fair to say that many of us are stepping out from almost two years of all-day leisurewear with a newfound freedom in terms of our fashion choices. 

This season, with so many eager to re-announce themselves to the world and express their personality and own unique sense of style loudly and proudly, expect to see plenty of clothes customisation on the catwalks, high streets, bars and beaches of the UK.

For any wardrobe items that have perhaps gone a little stale over lockdown, customisation also represents an environmentally sustainable and budget friendly approach, too. Instead of replacing those benched items, you can breathe new life into them! We love a thrifty king or queen, after all.

If that sounds like both a stylish and savvy way of doing things this season, then you’ve come to the right place; here’s how to customise your wardrobe to create a whole new style for Summer 2022.

Embroidery, Sequins & Sewing

Embroidery can turn any item of clothing into a unique fashion statement, and is a beautiful way to make your clothes unique to you and you alone without breaking the bank buying new clothes.

High time, then, to take a trip to your local haberdashery where you’re likely to find a treasure trove of ribbons, buttons, sequins, lace and all sorts of items which you can dress your wardrobe up with. 

If you’re new to sewing, you could always sew embroidered patches onto your clothes instead, or there are plenty of tutorial videos on YouTube, TikTok et al. Once you’ve developed a bit of confidence with the needle, then your trousers, trainers, both women’s and men’s hoodies, socks, jackets… It’s all fair game! 

You might find WikiHow’s super simple instructional on How to Embroider by Hand useful here.

Painting & Tie-Dye

Painting your clothes might sound like an out there concept, but doing so can change your look and give your wardrobe the edge this summer, all for the cost of a bottle of fabric paint and a brush.

Alternatively, if that pop of colour doesn’t satisfy your need to stand out sufficiently, then giving some of your more pedestrian, plain items of clothing the tie-dye treatment is guaranteed to bring some zest and verve to your wardrobe.

Tie-dye isn’t confined to white T-shirts. Think again; if you have lots of dark clothing, you can also use bleach to create patterns in the material. Indeed, it’s surprisingly versatile. Working well across both women’s and men’s collections, tie dye prints can be incorporated into sweatshirts and t-shirts, creating the ultimate casual style with that sense of personality and uniqueness we keep extolling. 

In fact, this sense of bold colours, striking patterns and an attitude of maximalism is one of the key trends in men’s fashion in Spring/Summer 2022.

The Endless Possibilities Of Denim

Denim is a material with endless possibilities in terms of customisation, owing to its durable nature and ability to still look fabulous under a fair amount of distress. In other words, even if you butcher your favourite pair of denim jeans trying to embroider them or sew on a patch, they’ll still look great. That’s the power (and versatility) of denim.

Customising your denim is an easy way to add your own signature style to your wardrobe instantly. There is so much you can do with your old pair of jeans or jacket. Iron or sew a patch above your pocket, embroider words or a small image on the cuff, deploy some of that fabric paint, or cut an old pair of long jeans down to a short size. Speaking of which…

Cut, Alter And Add

Edward Scissorhands eat your heart out (if you have one). It’s time to get cut-happy in time for summer. Yep, with a snip here and a chop there, you can transform a piece that’s gathering dust in your wardrobe into a whole new outfit.  

But where to start scissoring, we hear you ask? Well, why not turn an old skirt you don’t like the length of anymore into a midi or mini skirt? Or, create some stylish shorts from that old pair of jeans we mentioned a couple of paragraphs back? 

Got a top you never wear? Cut the collar to create a sexy off-the-shoulder number or cut off the bottom to create a tank top. Sleeves can be added or removed and hemlines can even been lengthened; the options are limitless.

You could even consider cutting up two items of clothing and sewing the opposing parts together to make a third totally unique item.  However, before you make your first cut, learn how to make a proper hemline, unless you’re going for the frayed, rough-around-the-edges look. Again, there are online tutorials out there which can guide you.

Upgrade Old Trainers

Do you have an old pair of trainers that could use a touch-up, or even a complete revamp? It’s time to give them a good scrub down before covering them with a fresh coat of paint to make them pop. 

Bright neon spray paint can quickly give your old trainers a brand-new look that will add a fashionable pop to any streetwear outfit you throw together. And with shoes being arguably the most expensive item in most people’s wardrobe or clothing collection, you’ll be saving yourself a pretty penny, too.

The Bottom Line

Owning unique and stylish clothing doesn’t have to be an expensive endeavour. Customise your clothing and you can get a whole new look at an affordable price for summer 2022. We can’t wait to see your handiwork!  

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