So Summer’s officially over. Sad, I know. That being said, winter isn’t officially here yet. It’s Autumn. And although the temperature has dropped significantly, the sun is as of yet refusing to retire completely. Welcome to October. That awkward time of year where one minute you will be kicking yourself for thinking you might go without a heavy winter coat and the next sitting in your office sweating profusely because you dared to wear a pair of tights. So, here’s how to ride out this uncomfortable time of year til winter lets you wrap up in all that tartan you’ve been purchasing since July.

Be prepared

I cannot stress this enough. Only you are going to feel stupid when an unexpected downpour ruins your new nude topshop ballet pumps. Goodbye £30. Good bye.

The key to this irritating season is to be prepared for every occasion. Yes, that may involve basically moving into your office and housing your entire wardrobe under your desk. But so be it to beat those weather Gods. Things to take with you wherever you go include: A pair of tights. A coat. A sensible pair of shoes (not like, a pair of hiking boots, but something that’s not going to give you soggy feet at the first sight of rain.) An umbrella (duh) and a jumper. You can thank me later. With these essentials on your person you will be ready for whatever October throws at you. Maybe.

Go for colours

This time of year it can be so easy to fall back on failsafe black wardrobe options. Oooh hi black leather skirt/playsuit/jumpsuit/legging/dress/hat. So. Easy. Make the most of the fact that you can still get away with that orange dress, pastel pair of trousers or metallic shoes and mix them with your winter wardrobe. Hello Auter (Autumn and winter, no?!) dressing.


Just, you know, layer up.

Balance it out

I know how tempting it can be to try out those new baggy trousers with a slouchy jumper and a big shawl, but just don’t. Go for tight leather trousers and an oversized jumper or a fitted pencil skirt with a fur trimmed coat to keep a balanced silhouette.

Add some boots

This time of year ankle boots are everywhere and they’re the perfect in between season shoe. Not only do they add that much needed bit of height when your outfits are getting bulkier, they go perfectly with jeans and a jumper for off-duty style, or skirts and dresses for office or evening wear. Opt for a mid-price range pair to see you through winter and add a little bit of luxury to an otherwise high street heavy outfit.

Be prepared 0.2

This preparation refers to your beauty regime. Remember all those hours spent waxing, tanning, painting and generally buffing your body into a fit sate to show the world? This must not stop now summer is ‘over.’ As you will be whipping your tights on and off every three seconds because the weather can’t decide if it wants to be hot or snow, your legs, toes and everything else must be in tip top condition. Make the most of what little fading tan you have left and make sure you’re prepared for those 20 minutes of sun in the park at lunchtime before the heavens open on you.