So, you’re planning your big day? Firstly, congratulations! Secondly, calm down, take a moment and breathe. There, that’s better. 

Stressful, isn’t it? With so much trying on, trying out, tasting and testing, the lead up the your wedding day can be pretty full on. And sometimes, during the wedding planning stage, with so much focus on the service, the reception can be forgotten. We’re here to help you make it one to remember, with these 5 IDEAL ways to make your wedding reception truly unforgettable. 


‘Dinner and dancing’. If those two words don’t feature on your wedding invitation, then you can’t blame your potential guests for showing a lack of enthusiasm. But get the two right – and we’re going to go out on a limb here and say particularly the latter – and the only people forgetting your wedding reception will be those who drank too much. 

You want upbeat, dancefloor fillers which everyone knows the words too. No esoteric, 90s techno B-sides, here. If you can flail your arms about and have a singalong, then it’s ideal for a wedding reception. The wedding dancefloor is not the time to earn plaudits for your taste in music; stick to the classics.


Obviously, so much discussion after the big day falls on the food. A superb, unique meal can separate the good wedding receptions from the great. Though a buffet may be financially more friendly, if you have room in your budget, a sit down affair with some level of choice is the way to stand out. 
Make the menu a classy affair by responding both to the seasons and your location, dishing up simple, seasonal sharing food. If you’re getting married in May, for instance, then asparagus has to be on the menu. Should you be tying the knot near the coast, locally caught seafood will have your guests cooing. 


If your budget is tight, you’ll have to make some sacrifices on the guest list. Though the dream is to invite everyone and their aunt, realistically, it’s only yours and your fiance’s actual aunt who should be attending. 

When divising your guestlist, make two; an A-list and B-list. The all important A-list consists of the VIPS, like your closest friends and family. After you send out invitations and receive the replies, you’ll be able to calculate the exact number of people coming and conclude how many more guests you can squeeze in. And here’s where the B-list comes in handy: you can invite “less important” people from this list.


We’ve all been to a wedding where a small trinket, homemade goodie or gift has been left on your placemat for you to take home. And we all remember that day too, right? By providing a unique souvenir for your guests to take home, you can live long in their memories as a couple and the throwers of a great party.


After the wedding day is over, make a wedding reception slideshow as small memorabilia for your friends and family. This gift will mean a lot to your friends, as you will be sharing something very special and treasurable with them. 

How to make a slideshow for a wedding reception truly unforgettable? SmartSHOW 3D is a great wedding reception slideshow maker, which will help you make a memorable video quickly and joyfully. You can create a great video featuring all your closest friends and family members and post it on Facebook for the whole world to see. Let this day stay in your heart forever.