The chance to take on nature and test your trekking skills is an opportunity you rarely want to pass up. Breathing in cool mountain air, swimming naked in a stream and sleeping out under the stars are the perfect ways to escaping from the urban jungle and forget the rat race. If adventure is your middle name, there’s no shame wanting a few creature comforts while you tackle the wilderness.

Here’s a look at the sort of hi-tech tools and gadgets that can take your camping experience to a new level.

Your reward for a hard day’s trekking

The chance to take a hot shower to refresh and relax is one of the comforts trekkers most miss after a long day and climbing. Sometimes a wash in the stream just doesn’t cut it.

The Helio Pressure Shower highlights just how technology can bridge the gap and deliver some of those home comforts even when you are spending a weekend in the woods. The foot-pump allows you to control the pressure of the water and all you need is the power of the sun to heat up the water, giving you about five minutes of hot showering, almost anywhere.

You might want to also download a thermometer app for your smartphone so that you can check the weather and temperature in your location and confirm that the sun is going to help you enjoy a hot shower when you set up camp for the night.

A camping stove that delivers more than warmth

The traditional role of a campfire is to provide a source of heat to keep you warm and let you do some cooking but you can now get an added bonus of generating power with a BioLite CampStove.

This hi-tech stove allows you to burn wood to boil water in minutes and as you can use sticks and other biomass sources, you can dispense with the gas canister. The added bonus is that the device generates electricity for charging up your phone and other devices, plus it can keep your LED lights working too.

The stove has been neatly designed to save on space so you should find that it is not too difficult to bring with you a camping stove that is a very welcome technological addition to your trekking kit list.

A good night’s sleep

You might love sleeping out in the wild but you couldn’t be blamed for missing the comfort of a nice place to rest your head. You wouldn’t want to wake up with a crooked neck if you’ve a day’s trekking to be done, so investing in a decent air-assisted matress or pillow is a must.

The Incamp Insulated Airpad is a fine example of how you can now enjoy a good night’s sleep.

The bed can be inflated quickly and easily using your hands, saving your breath, and within minutes you will have a comfortable surface to sleep on. Built-in insulation keeps you warm and the integrated pillow is a real bonus too.

These are just some of the ways you can use technology to enhance your trekking experience and enjoy some extra comfort even when you are miles from civilization.