Someone, somewhere in the world, right now, is arguing with a loved one about moving house. With every packed, repacked and packed again box; with every dropped sentimental ornament and broken down rental van; with every temper flared over the right position for the ill thought out, ill fitting new sofa comes an even iller thought out divorce. And that’s a fact.

Regardless of whether you’re bidding farewell to your student flat or setting up in your dream home, moving house can be stressful. To negate some of the bigger burdens and unnecessary niggles, it’s important you get organised in good time. The whole chain of buying, selling, preparing and physically moving is only one linking piece’s snap from square one. So, with this in mind, here is the IDEAL guide to moving house, stress free.

Predict, Pre-empt, Prepare, Repeat

Your home is on the market and you’re contemplating the toils, trials and tribulations ahead. It’s important to predict which pitfalls may be waiting to trip you up, and to pre-empt them with decisive action.

You can start preparing your home for estate agents and interest from potential viewers with an eye for what questions they may ask and what grievances they may air. Approach your property with a fresh set of eyes; you’ll be amazed at how cluttered and untidy it appears when viewed with eyes untainted by nostalgia. If you’re downsizing, then now is the ideal time to start getting rid of clothes or items that you no longer need or use. Putting fresh flowers on the table is a great way to inject some light and life into your rooms, if you can’t afford to give your property a fresh lick of paint before your sale.

It goes without saying that it’s always worth having a contingency plan in place, just in case something goes wrong in the sale of your house. Be prepared for a gap between the time it takes to sell your old place and the moving into a new one.

Check Your EPC

The boring stuff requires attention too, sadly. If you’re selling up, you’ll need to provide any buyer with an Energy Performance Certificate (EPC), outlining the efficiency of the home or flat. If your EPC is out of date, then make sure that your property is graded and reassessed by an accredited domestic energy assessor, otherwise you’re going to encounter issues obstructive to a sale. This is a step that you can’t skip; so make sure that you scrutinise your paperwork thoroughly.

Find A Removal Company

Removal firms come in all shapes, sizes and levels of security. Most will deal with house office and furniture removals, offering services such as packing up smaller items and ensuring that larger pieces of furniture are carefully moved and placed into the van. All stuff that, on the day, eases the burden no end.

Check that any company you’re considering is a member of either the British Association of Removers (BAR) or the National Guild of Removers and Storers (NGRS). As always in situations like this, be sure to get several quotes before settling on a decision. Contrary to popular belief, moving is a highly skilled job, especially when you consider the amount of expensive furniture or artwork that people can own; the risk is high, so a certain level of expertise is required.

If you want to avoid breakages and slip-ups, then be prepared to spend a bit more to ensure your peace of mind. If packing overwhelms you, then consider getting the professionals in to help with this too, relieving significant tension and distress in the run up to, and on, the day. This is particularly pertinent if you’re preparing for an international or long-distance move.

On The Day

The big day has finally come, so make sure that it goes without a glitch. The checklist may seem endless, so do as much as you can to reduce stress.

If you have pets, then consider asking a friend or relative to look after them while you move, or put them into kennels or a cattery. If you are moving with small children, rope in support from friends or family to look after them. Once installed in your new place, get your kids’ rooms ready first, as this will help them to settle in quickly.

Finally, just remember to breathe. In a few weeks time you will be all settled in, and any memories of moving will be a distant dream.