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Though certainly not everybody’s idea of a good night out, the UK boasts several casinos which gambling enthusiasts regard as destinations in their own right. Whether it’s for the glitz and glamour, the association with James Bond, or the fact that they offer a sense of escapism from the gloomy weather and gloomier politics of the nation, city casinos remain enduringly popular here.

With several places now offering an online platform in tandem with their bricks’n’mortar offering, the idea of Blighty as an option for a betting holiday, especially for stag and hen dos grows with each year. With that in mind, here are some of the UK’s best gaming destination.

Aspers Casino, Stratford, London

Located in Westfield, Aspers Casino sits in a 65,000 sq. feet. area and stands as the biggest entertainment and shopping hub in Stratford City; reason enough to visit even if you don’t intend to punt, we think, with a whole host of restaurants, bars, those aforementioned lavish gambling venues, and a cinema in the mall. 

Sports lovers will be pleased to learn there are multiple large TV screens airing major events, but you’re here for the gambling, right? Casino lovers, on the other hand, will find over 150 slots in addition to various slot tournaments offered on site. Pertinently, Aspers Casino has in the past stood out for its poker reputation which boasts some of the largest poker rooms in the world.

Maxim’s Casino, South Kensington, London

As one of our biggest exports, James Bond has shaped the way people think about casino gaming in the UK. His poker face was inscrutable, his budget substantial, and his effortless elegance made a glamorous casino the perfect backdrop to his impressive skills.

Maxim’s Casino embodies everything that you would expect from a casino if you had only heard about casinos from films and television. The walls feature beautiful designs and are tastefully uplit, the carpets are woven with intricate patterns, and the gaming tables themselves look like they should be in a museum.

Casino gaming fans could be forgiven for assuming that Maxim’s would focus on the established forms of gaming, such is the emphasis on the traditional. However, the appeal of electronic gaming proved too much for the owners who installed digital gaming stations a few years ago, much to the delight of their patrons and fans of games such as lightning roulette

But this is a casino, so fans of traditional casino games will always feel at home at Maxim’s, even if they are facing a massive marble fireplace, leaning against the beautiful pearwood panelling, or sitting underneath the incredible glass roof of the old library. Guests can enjoy a wide selection of cuisines, wines from around the world, and a premium collection of spirits that will impress even the most sophisticated drinkers.

Alea Casino, Glasgow

As one of Scotland’s most popular casinos, Alea Casino in Glasgow offers visitors some of the best views of the River Clyde as well as an opportunity to play some of the most exciting games around. The two-storey building sits right on the riverbank, with stunning views across the water, making it the perfect place to enjoy a romantic evening meal or a special celebration.

There is something for everyone, from a sports bar with live action from a range of different sports to a cocktail bar where you can sit and enjoy some of the most delicious drinks around. The restaurant serves modern Scottish food made from local ingredients, and they have a bursting programme of live events from musical performances to poker tournaments. 

The casino itself is a state-of-the-art gaming hub, with 15 gaming tables, 20 slot machines and 34 electronic roulette tables. There are all the games you would expect to see, including three-card poker, blackjack, and American roulette, so it’s the perfect destination for a night of all-round entertainment.

Hippodrome Casino, Leicester Square, London

Known for its unique PokerStars live deck and Lola’s underground casino, the Hippodrome is home to a huge variety of casino games spread over three floors. In the gaming room, there are 16 Blackjack tables, 17 Roulette tables, 5 Baccarat tables, 5 Three Card Poker tables, 4 Mini-Baccarat tables, 2 Dice tables, and over 100 electronic machines. Serious numbers, we think.

On the entertainment side of it, you’ll be welcomed to a 180-seat theatre with jazz performances, hosting cabaret and art, and a lounge offering live performances. Big names like Charlie Chaplin, Stevie Wonder, and Michael Jackson have graced the casino. Will you be next?

Les Croupiers Casino, Cardiff

With online casino operators in the UK facing regular scrutiny, it’s still potentially a more streamlined experience to head for a bit of history in the form of a casino proper.

Les Croupiers, in the Welsh capital Cardiff, remains one of the oldest casinos in operation in Wales. Established in 1968, the casino has a large poker room accommodating close to 200 players and comprising of 20 tables, various themed slot games, and popular table games such as blackjack, roulette, and dice games.

Everything you could ask for, right? High rollers can also bet big on various progressive jackpots offered. A sports bar is also provided where players can catch up with Sky Sports and BT Sports events, and dining options include the Dragon Court Chinese Restaurant. Good stuff.

Genting International Casino, Birmingham

This is England’s first resort casino and belongs to the Genting Group casinos who also have outposts in Singapore and Malaysia. Additionally, an upcoming casino at the Las Vegas Strip is poised to open its doors in 2020. That’s some serious clout. Within the Brum based resort, there’s a boutique hotel, pubs and restaurants, a shopping centre, a Santai spa and 11 screen cinemas. Plenty to do for those not interested in sitting at the table, we think.

Aspinalls, Mayfair, London

Any Monopoly fan will tell you that Mayfair is the fanciest of all the fancy places on the board, and the reality of this is evident when you see inside Aspinall’s casino. Vast chandeliers hang from elegantly decorated ceilings, and beautifully dressed windows allow the sunlight to shine through to illuminate the sumptuous furniture, lavish decor, and well-appointed players.

While the inside is practically dripping with gold and diamonds, the outside is incredibly discreet, to the extent that it looks like just another (massively expensive) residential home from the outside. There are plenty of stories about the goings on inside this casino with reports that the Sultan of Brunei was a regular visitor in the 1970s. 

Those in the know tell the story of the time a player won £12 million in one night, forcing the casino’s owners to seek financial help to make the payout.

The Ritz Club, Piccadilly, London

Housed in the world famous Ritz Hotel, the Ritz Club brings a level of service like no other. The club has an exclusive gaming room offering Punto Banco, American Roulette, Three Card Poker and Blackjack. Slots are less accommodated for, with management preferring the more atmosphere of a table led room. Three private rooms (Amber, Aida, and Carmen) retain that air of privilege and privacy.

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