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Shoes, dear shoes. Oh, how do we love thee? Of course, we are not the first women to be completely obsessed with our shoes. And nor will we be the last. First, there was Cinderella, then there was Carrie Bradshaw. Oh, and nearly every single female out there, if we’re counting.

Indeed, we are yet to meet a woman that doesn’t have strong feelings towards their shoe collection. But have you ever wondered the actual reasons behind the obsession? We did, so we asked Sarah Watkinson-Yull, founder of British brand Yull Shoes, to share here 8 IDEAL reasons why women love shoes.


Shoes give you more confidence. I am frequently asked ‘why did you go into shoes?’ and the simple answer is ‘I just love the way that you can put on a pair of shoes and feel so different – Shoes for me are my rescue remedy!’

When people see you walking down the street in the new women’s Diana Ferrari shoes, you can’t help but feel great. Having a good pair of shoes on your feet can boost your confidence and make you feel like you can conquer anything.


‘Wearing the right pair of shoes can improve your posture. Anyone with back problems knows that a lot of problems are due to slouching and wearing the wrong shoes. Shoes can change your appearance, and I’m a firm believer in nude heels elongating your legs. The best investment shoes are a pair of well made and well cut nude courts. Our Mayfair Nude’s are a perfect example!’


Simply put, shoes complete an outfit. A little black dress can be dressed down with some flats, or alternatively, dressed up with some heels. A change of shoes is all you need to go from smart to casual or vice versa. They represent the icing on the cake, but flipped over.


There’s such a variety of shoes out there; shoes perfect for all occasions, wellies for festivals, heels for special occasions, every day comfortable shoes, boots for the cold and snow, sandals for the beach…just so many different shoes for different occasions to fill your wardrobe with! We particularly love our new Brighton Brogues which add a pop of colour to any outfit.


Shoes, it has to be said, don’t discriminate. They adapt to our changes without missing a beat. Or step. Indeed, we can pile on a few extra pounds and our shoes will always forgive you by still fitting. That’s the beauty.


Some shoes can be considered as collectors items. Some people even buy two pairs of the same shoes – one for display and one to wear. This is prevalent with shoes that are limited editions, or collaborative releases. People can express themselves via whatever are the current hot shoes on the market, and choose to tie an outfit together with a classic heel, bright platform, or trendy sneaker.


‘There’s a great old saying that you can tell all you need to know about a person by the shoes that they’re wearing. Tell a story, play on it and go elaborate by adding some adding drama to your outfit – our Chelsea Flower’s do the job perfectly’.


It has been proven that buying new shoes increases the shopper’s dopamine levels by an unusually large amount. A natural high that makes you feel good and have self-confidence? Count us in!

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