Good flirting is more than just a science, it’s an art.  If you want to let the person of your affections know that you are into them, then you have to learn the language.  Check out our flirting tips and you will become a regular Casanova (or the female equivalent) in no time.


A smile costs nothing and instantly shows that you are a warm loveable person. Your smile will suggest that you are happy, positive and will display all those other great qualities a person looks for in a potential partner.

Body Language

Body language is one of the most obvious ways to show that you are interested in someone. Use expressive and positive body language. Try these tips for ideal flirting body language:

  • Turn your body towards the other person and angle your torso towards them.
  • Break the touch barrier. When your crush is talking, gently touch his hand or arm.
  • Don’t cross your arms or legs and keep your stance open, otherwise the other person may feel isolated.
  • Play with your hair. It is a clear sign to any man that you are interested in them.

A touch on the arm or leg can say a thousand words, however don’t be overly ‘touchy feely’ – you don’t want to give out the wrong signals. Also, if your date mimics your body language it’s a sure sign to tell that they are into you!

The Tease

From pulling hair to calling the other kid names, when you were in school what to you do? – tease your crush. Nothing much has changed now you are an adult, and although we don’t suggest pulling your dates hair, teasing him a little will give clear signs that you are interested.


A compliment can communicate that you are into dating and it also steers you away from the friend zone.  Paying a compliment to someone can make the receiver feel incredibly special, and isn’t that’s exactly what you want to do? So pay your crush a few compliments, but make that they are sincere.

Eye contact

When he is talking to you make sure you look into your crushes eyes, this shows that you are listening and are interested in what they are saying.

Leave them wanting more

Don’t give too much away on a first date or when you are first getting to know someone. Don’t let the conversation go stale and maintain an air of mystery about you. This will intrigue your potential partner and leave them wanting more. But don’t be too aloof, make sure they know you are more interested than not!