IDEAL for getting all those hard to reach places spick, span and spotless.

Do you ever get the nagging feeling that your cleaning efforts are purely cosmetic? That dirt is accumulating in hard to reach places where a simple wipe won’t do? From ironing your carpets to spreading baking soda over the mattress, as professional London cleaners will tell you, there’s a fix for everything. With that in mind, here are 10 professional home cleaning hacks, IDEAL for getting all those hard to reach places spick, span and spotless.


No more fluff, let’s jump right in. To get your taps and shower heads sparkling clean, fill a plastic bag full of warm white vinegar then tie it around the taps and/or shower head overnight so that they’re immersed in the liquid. Make sure it’s airtight, and come morning, simply remove the bag and rinse with clear water. Hey presto, shiny taps!


Get rid of dirt, grime and smells from your carpets by sprinkling them with bicarbonate of soda around 20 minutes before hoovering. If you like, you can also spray the carpet with white vinegar for added effect. While cleaning, if you discover any stains on those carpets, then soak a flannel in water for a few minutes and place it on the mark. Next, run over the flannel with a hot iron. You’ll soon find that stain will break up and be easier to clean afterwards.  Two tips for the price of one in that there paragraph; who said we didn’t look out for you?

Unfortunately, there are some carpet stains that just won’t budge. Moreover, cleaning your carpets is a major undertaking. To save time and get better results in cleaning your carpet you can hire a professional carpet cleaning company in London.


There’s nothing that ages our bathrooms and showers more – aesthetically and structurally –  than dirty grout between tiles. Tackle this pesky problem safely and cheaply by mixing half a cup of baking soda with a quarter teaspoon of hydrogen peroxide, then add a teaspoon of washing up liquid. Simply scrub onto the grout using a toothbrush then wipe off with a damp cloth.


An incredibly simple way to get your microwave oven really clean is to sit a bowl of water with some lemon juice in it, then press ‘on.’ This has the effect of steaming off hard-to-remove foodstuffs on the plate and sides of the oven, while adding a fresh smell at the same time. It’s what the professionals are doing, and who can argue with that?


With all the food preparation we do on a daily basis, it’s no wonder our wooden chopping boards become ingrained with miniscule bits of food every now and then. One way to get rid of this – and to get the board as a whole looking (and smelling) good – is to simply run it over with a lemon wedge (is there anything it can’t do?). Yes, that’s right; a half of lemon. These citrus fruits have impressive antibacterial qualities, and of course something natural is favourable on a food preparation surface than loads of chemicals. 

You can apply the same logic to your barbeque grill. If you’re doing so when it’s lit (which is particularly effective), for heaven’s sake use some tongs or a spatula. 


Getting fed-up having to scrape out wet coffee grains at the bottom of the grinder whenever you use it? Us too. Well, you can save yourself some serious time by getting a couple of slices of bread (thought we were going to say lemon again, didn’t you?) and rolling them into a ball. Next wipe the inside of the grinder with it. All those grains will come off with ease.


It’s not always easy to face the thought of trying to scrub out a pot of ingrained rice or the remains of the scrambled eggs you made for lunch. But there is a way it can be made easier, and again, without having to splash out a fortune on super-strong washing up liquid or use loads of plastic in the cleaning process. Instead, mix some cream of tartar with hot water to form a paste and then use it to scrub the pans. You will be amazed at how effective this can be.


Think those curtains of yours are looking a bit on the dusty side? It’s not surprising since we don’t exactly wash them every few weeks. The best way to get rid of the dust on your drapes is to use the old-fashioned method. But instead of taking them outside, hanging them on the washing line and beating them, all you have to do is whack them with a hand towel. Try it!


Had that mattress of yours for some time now and feel it’s getting a little on the grubby side? Well, give it a refresh by sprinkling it with baking soda. Just leave on for half an hour then hoover up. You’ll find the soda will soak up sweat and other smells and leave the mattress feeling much fresher.


Want to make them look really shiny? Of course you do. We all do. Then wipe them with a microfibre cloth every time you’re cleaning the house. Hmm, not so much of a hack, we know, but you get the picture.

You like that, huh? If you still can’t get enough of the cleaning tips, particularly those ones using natural products rather than chemicals, then check out another article of ours; these 5 IDEAL tips for using essential oils for cleaning.

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