Ready or not, the day to celebrate all things love is nearly here.  Yes, February 14th is just around the corner and couples everywhere are getting ready to shower their loved ones with gifts of love and affection. However, if your heart is quaking and hands are shaking from the pressure of splurging on expensive gifts, rather than from the fluttering love you should be feeling, worry not. There’s no need to break the bank this Valentine’s day with these 10 IDEAL ways to do Valentine’s Day on a budget.


A dinner for two with candles and wine – it’s the quintessential romantic Valentine’s Day evening. However, there’s some debate as to whether or not it’s acceptable to use discount vouchers when you’re having a romantic meal for two, on the restaurant industry’s most profitable night of the year. Here at IDEAL we think it’s fine. Although vouchers may seem unromantic, chances are you will both be glad to save some money, so who can complain?


There is something about eating in a fancy restaurant on Valentine’s Day that makes you feel like you’ve entered a canoodling competition with the tables next to you. If the thought of all that PDA and a restaurant full of loved up couples makes your cringe, then simply stay in and serve up a romantic meal by candlelight. It helps if you can cook of course, but if you’re hopeless in the kitchen fear not –  get a classy takeaway or invest in a supermarket meal deal. Simple.


If you really want to spoil your significant other rotten this Valentine’s Day, go for an indulgent lazy breakfast in bed. Waking up to the smell of something delicious cooking in the kitchen and freshly brewed coffee is pure heaven and will be such a treat for your loved one.


The most romantic 24-hours of the year has developed a reputation for consumers splashing out on cute cards and sweet treats, however instead of spending a fortune we know where to get all the usual Valentine’s cliches for under a fiver – Poundland. Yeah, it’s cheap and maybe a little tacky, but it’s the thought that counts – not how much cash you spend.


Sometimes the best and most appreciated gifts are cheap or even free — back massage, anyone? Doing something meaningful can mean so much more than buying a lavish gift – it shows that you’ve really thought about them.  So why not have a few of their (cheap) favourite things waiting for them when they get home: their favourite wine, magazine or chocolate bar. Or go for an evening walk around a few of your favourite places or drive to a special location that holds great memories for both of you.


Get creative and make something unique for your loved one this Valentine’s Day – the extra effort will go down well. Create a nice thoughtful card, pen a letter, make a playlist of songs that remind you of them, make a scrapbook filled with photos and memorabilia or even write a book of IOUs they can use for favours. 


The pressure to buy a perfect and expensive gift can be stressful and time-consuming and take away from the enjoyment of the holiday.  If you want to get your loved one a great present but can’t spend a fortune then turn to the sales. Getting more for your money is so important when it comes to treating loved ones and the sales provide the perfect opportunity for just this.  


Sharing new and exciting experiences together will make your bond even stronger – memories hold so much more value than items, we think. Take a cheap form of transportation to a place you’ve never been before, even if it’s nearby, and enjoy a great day out together. 


It’s easy to create an inexpensive spa night to delight your darling. Share a warm bath filled with rose petals or take a steamy sexy shower with a luscious, scented body wash. Light some candles and offer a sensual massage from head to toe. Creating a world of stress free bliss on the cheap for your sweetheart has never been so easy.