It’s a dream of so many made real by so few. Because due to spatial or financial restraints, installing a sauna at home just feels a little implausible. Frivolous, even. 

And sure, if you live in a place which estate agents would generously describe as ‘cosy’, then perhaps this one’s not for you. Time to click that back button and read something else, hey? But for those blessed with space and capital, a home sauna might be just the domestic addition you need. Need further convincing? We’re here to do just that. Here are 4 IDEAL benefits a sauna at home. 


Do you live with constant aches and pains? ‘Don’t we all’, your subconscious sighs resignedly.  But you shouldn’t raise the white flag to life’s crippling inevitability just yet; using a sauna is a natural remedy for so many common ailments. 

Stiff joints, muscle aches, and general soreness can all be eased using a sauna, particularly an infrared one. Health problems often result from strains and over-exertion, whether that’s suffered during exercise or via bad posture, and this can create tension in the muscles and soft tissues, restricting proper circulation and sending pain signals to the brain. However, the heat of a sauna serves to relieve pain from muscle spasms or tightness.

What’s more, a sauna can be used to clear nasal congestion, particularly if it’s a result of a cold or flu. Congestion can be incredibly frustrating, especially if it stops you from sleeping, but a sauna can clear your airways relatively quickly. That cleansing aspect can also work wonders for your complexion, giving you brighter, more youthful looking skin after just a few steam soaked sessions.

What we’d give for a sweaty sojourn to the sauna right now.


Whether young or old, we all carry around overwhelming amounts of stress nowadays and spending time in your very own sauna can provide a moment of peace and tranquillity. 

Whilst the jury is still out on whether there’s sufficient medical evidence to claim that saunas can improve happiness (though there was a 2016 study which noted body heating could have a ‘significant antidepressant effect’), the chance to gain some meditative, peaceful time without your screen or other distraction which a sauna grants can’t be denied.

Saunas also add a convivial touch to a property as they present the potential for socialising. Indeed, in many countries, taking a sauna together is a common chance for bonding between friends or family, in turn providing a boost to your overall sense of wellbeing. And that’s what we’re here for, right?


One of the immediate benefits of installing a sauna in your home is that you now have access to your very own spa standard facility. If you want to pamper yourself or a guest, you can enjoy some rest and relaxation from the comfort of your home without having to venture out into the wider world. 

If you are a regular sauna goer, installing one inside your property could actually save you money in the long run which would otherwise be spent on spa memberships and transport. Just be sure to do your due diligence before purchase (just like you’re doing right now, we suppose) and read as many of the best sauna reviews as possible before committing to your investment.

A common misconception surrounding saunas is that they cost a lot of money in energy and electricity to run. Although older models or traditional saunas and steam rooms can increase utility bills, modern day infrared saunas are relatively cheap to operate. Your actual energy usage will vary depending on your property and the model of sauna you choose to install, but in general, infrared saunas don’t tend to run up large long-term costs. 


A sauna is a luxurious addition to just about any home, bringing personality, intrigue and a sense of a truly unique property. Correspondingly, installing a sauna can increase the value of your property by providing a unique selling point. Just imagine that first viewing, when potential buyers first discover the home sauna! 

Although there are always going to be fashionable pieces of furniture or other decorating trends that can add value to your home, installing an infrared sauna can contemporise your property in a truly unique way. 


Ultimately, finding the best infrared sauna for your home involves doing plenty of research. By reading reviews and comparing your options, you can discover some of the most popular infrared sauna options out there and determine which makes and models are worth the investment for both your health and your home.