The rain is pounding, the wind is whistling and the sun, well…what was that again? We may as well look for reasons to be cheerful. Here’s one; with the arrival of cooler verging on cold weather and darker nights, we’ll all be spending more time indoors. That means an excuse for hot toddies, duvet days and long, languid Netflix nights. With the domestic space getting its dues, you’re going to need to get it war-ready, and that starts with a lean, green deep clean. With that in mind, here are 4 IDEAL eco-friendly ways to clean your home.


Conventional cleaning products can have an impact on our health and on the environment, make no mistake. Fortunately, to compete for that coveted place under your kitchen sink, more brands are focusing on developing effective cleaning products which have a green edge.

Don’t be tricked by branding which deploys green leaves and the like; this is most likely a cynical attempt to lure in those with only a passing knowledge of their environmental impact. Instead, go deep into the labelling; you’re looking for ‘non toxic’, ‘organic’ or ‘plant based’ at the very least. If you care to cast your research net a little further, then investigate the Environmental Working Group’s ranking of cleaning products according to their impact.


If you’re looking to greenify your cleaning in a more DIY manner, then your larder may hold the answer. First, look to lemons – nature’s answer to cleaning products – as they have powerful antiseptic and antibacterial properties. Keep delving into the cupboards; vinegar and baking soda will clean just about anything. Simply mix them with warm water and voila; an all-purpose cleaner is made. Mind you, they don’t smell as good as lemons. Baking soda is also a great odour eliminator, so keep some in your fridge to remove pervasive aromas and sprinkle it on your carpet before you vacuum to soak up bad smells.


Steam cleaners not only make cleaning easier, but they also help in disinfecting and sanitising your home without using harsh chemicals. Indeed, using steam vapour in cleaning has been happening for over 30 years, working by boiling water to produce steam for cleaning floors and other surfaces. The steam then lifts dirt and grease. 

This way of cleaning represents an ecological solution (no chemicals, obvs) and is ideal for keeping your home in good shape without the use of toxic chemicals from commercial cleaning detergents. This is particularly appropriate for homes with hard floors, vinyl or wood but is also good for carpet, curtain and upholstery cleaning. Several product reviews on steam cleaners, such as the Dupray Neat Steam Cleaner review, can be found online for comparison. 


Perhaps more importantly than any other tip, but also the most simple and easy to do, is to keep your home well ventilated. By simply popping the windows open regularly, you’ll be lessening the need for fans in the warmer months, as well as dehumidifiers, extractor fans for when you’re cooking, and chemical-laden air fresheners, too. Do a weekly ventilate of all the windows in your home for best results.