Whether the name of the game is renovation, refurbishment or full on upheaval, the idea of doing up your home and taking on a big project can seem daunting. So much so, in fact, that procrastination usually wins out over productivity. But should you be considering selling your house anytime soon, then dragging your feet on such work could mean those same feet won’t be under a new table anytime soon. Because a successful home improvement project can be the make or break between staying put or reeling it in. With that in mind, here are 4 IDEAL home improvement projects which give a return on your investment.


It’s the room we perhaps spend the least time in, but one whose aesthetic carries great significance when conveying the overall cleanliness and state of a house. After all, if a homeowner didn’t keep their bathroom shipshape, something about the rest of the property is implicitly suggested.

A modern bathroom has that instant ‘wow factor’, where touches of glamour override the more bare bones functionality of the room, and as such always contributes to a positive first impression to a potential buyer. On the flipside, older bathrooms with outdated décor, tired looking fixtures and signs of mould and stains should immediately ring alarm bells. No one wants to move into a new house and gut out the bathroom, finding whatever’s lurking behind the bog, that’s for sure.

The good news is that bathrooms can be updated on a budget and still deliver brilliant results. You don’t have to invest in a complete renovation; a carefully considered remodel will instantly add value to your home. Affordable toilet, bath and sink units provide the necessary updated look, but you’ll need a plumber to fit the according water pipes. It’s worth looking for a reputable company, local plumbers Dyno Plumbing Scotland for instance, who will be able to do the job efficiently.


If you have old, worn down carpets or flooring which has seen better days, you might want to bite the bullet and look into updating this across the home. Since this is part of the house which is all encompassing, by investing in new flooring for rooms which lead into each other, you’ll create a seamless look and feel throughout the house. Synergy is the watchword here.

Let’s be honest, carpets are quick to look shabby and show up even the tiniest amount of dirt, so instead give thought to faux-wood floors, considered the most cost-effective option in the flooring field, and one which gives the look of modern wood flooring. However, if you can’t afford to upgrade to faux wood, investing in new carpets is still going to give your home the selling factor. Just stick to neutrals if possible and mind those dirty feet and precariously positioned coffee mugs until the sale is complete.


The first impression of your home is made long before potential buyers cross the threshold and pass through the front door. As soon as they pull up outside and give the exterior of your home some scrutiny, an opinion is formed. This is what’s known as curb appeal, and even the most innocuous elements can play a part in the overall impact of that first once over. An unruly front garden, broken gates, a tatty fence or dirty drive can all be a major turn-off.

Replace any worn-down front doors (or even just paint them if they aren’t in too bad condition), revamp the front garden with a freshly mowed lawn and plant some new flowers, pronto. You want the home to look inviting, so stand outside your home and assess what external features are looking tired and worn.


Nothing says brand spanking new more than a thorough, fresh coating of paint throughout the home. A lick of paint this ain’t, it is one of the lowest cost improvements which has the highest rate of return.

You don’t need to be experimental here either. You are not the Rauschenberg of renovation and no one is expecting an avant garde number on the walls. But, buyers love to see a fresh canvas when they enter a potential home so without doubt, a new coat of neutral paint works wonders. Make sure that door frames and skirting boards aren’t missed off either; a schoolboy but all too common error when undertaking a DIY decoration effort. To put it quite simply, the more ‘finished’ your home looks, the higher the return on your investment is likely to be.