When it comes to decorating or redecorating a new house, the bedroom wardrobe often demands the smallest amount of time in our planning. But as one of the biggest items to fit in, this is a counterintuitive, rookie move. Indeed, it’s an item which requires some serious thought if you’re to avoid your home feeling on the cramped side of cosy. 

If space is at a premium and therefore saving it a necessity, then you might want to consider a modular wardrobe as a storage friendly, effortlessly trendy option. With this in mind, here are 4 IDEAL reasons to invest in a modular wardrobe.


Heard the one about how billionaire tech entrepreneurs wear the same grey t-shirt and black jean combo every day? Don’t be like them. Instead, elicit that reassuring ease of decision making in a different way, with a trendy modular wardrobe of course. The single most appealing, defining aspect of one is the ability to compartmentalise your clothes, accessories and shoes and succumb to the inner anally-retentive in you. This can lead to organisational dreams; colour coded outfits, clothes arranged into days of the week, different formality levels of shoes in different compartments…the list goes on.


This isn’t even up for debate. The difference between actual, measurable, quantifiable storage space in free-standing wardrobes and modular ones falls hugely in favour of the latter. You can exploit that no man’s land of space below hanging suit jackets but above the bit where you shove your shoes with designated areas for various other items, in doing so ridding your bedroom at large of clutter. A welcome byproduct of this is a reduction in stubbed toes and upturned plugs stepped on, caused in every single UK household by an excess of ‘stuff’.


The assortment of shelves, racks and clothes hangers that make up a modular wardrobe also lends itself to systematic, thorough cleaning. What’s more, the usual gap between the roof of the room and the top of the wardrobe which traditionally accumulates dust and cobwebs is less apparent. A modular wardrobe helps to resolve this issue as this kind of wardrobe is attached to the wall of the room, therefore leaving no space between for the accumulation of dust. A minor thing, perhaps, but once which can save time and effort in the long run.


Ever tried peering into the deepest recesses of a conventional wardrobe? It’s dark and desolate in there, and items of clothing seem to get swallowed whole by the gloom. A modular wardrobe grants the opportunity for customised, dedicated lighting within the storage system; a neat feature you never knew you needed until you tried it. Simply place extra lighting in some of the compartments to illuminate areas otherwise shrouded in mystery. A fashionista’s dream, we think.