If you’re a social butterfly, then optimising your home for visitors is an absolute must. Host the most, hostest with them mostest, non-binary who brings domestic finery…these are titles that those who like a house full of activity most certainly covet. Yep, if you’re a guest-loving extrovert who just loves to throw a party, but your house isn’t quite up to task, then read on; our 4 IDEAL ways to make your home more sociable.


It’s said that the kitchen is – or should be – the most sociable place in a home. It’s the heart of the action, the beating atrium of entertainment, the place where people seem to congregate when it’s time for a meet-up, party or gathering. 

If you’re serious about making your kitchen (and as a consequence, your home) enticing for guests, then you need to kit out your space thoughtfully and practically so it’s fit for purpose. Items such as a bigger fridge, or a separate drinks fridge, means that you’ll never fall short on keeping your guests’ glasses topped up. Plenty of counter space and tables means that your guests have a place to put their overfilling glasses, and practical seating like bar stools ensures that they always have a place to perch. 


If you have a garden, the potential for party pad euphoria is most certainly present. Being blessed with outdoor space means summer BBQs, cosy winter gatherings around an outdoor wood burner or heater, or just general extra space to fit a few more people in – overspill, if you will – whatever the weather. That means choosing to install a more practical doorway can really make the most out of this sociable space. 

Sliding doors or bi-folding doors from a door supplier in Coventry, London, Leicester or anywhere else for that matter means you can literally open up your entire space easily and have your property feeling a whole lot bigger. No more fumbling through a cramped doorway, or walking out of a side door around the back of the house to reach the garden; lovely stuff.


You can’t have guests turning up to find that there’s only one plump armchair and a rather questionable looking desk chair on wheels. This usually equates to folk slip-sliding about on the floor, spilling stuff and themselves and generally, never returning. Even if you live alone, having the right amount of seating for when guests come a-calling means everyone can feel more comfortable and welcome. If you’re looking to invest in a new sofa, consider a three or four-seater, or even a large L-shaped corner sofa depending on how many guests you plan on having in your home at any one time. 

It’s also a good idea to mix and match seating options, such as a chair or two opposite the sofa, so that guests can easily have conversations and feel more involved with others in the room. 


Nope, this isn’t a rather transparent attempt at cottaging. It doesn’t have to be when you’re home alone or in between social functions, but when guests are preparing to arrive, make sure your bathroom is as public-friendly as possible. Hide away any personal hygiene items, provide soft and clean towels and make sure everything is looking spick and span. Because when that door’s locked, and a guest is sitting on the bowl contemplating life, their eyes will be wandering everywhere. Second guess that inquisitiveness.