Ideal for those looking for something unique from their trip.

Ever get the feeling you’re getting a raw deal from your hotel room? So often soulless and identikit, you slip into those scratchy sheets and you could be bedding down anywhere in the world. 

With our passion for travel growing ever more adventurous and our forays into the unknown ever more far flung, expert travellers all across the world are asking more from their accomodation. We want personality, individuality and a sense of place. Find all three, with these; our 5 alternative accommodation options for your next holiday, IDEAL for those looking for something unique from their trip.


If you want the freedom nature can offer, then why not consider a caravan holiday for something a little different? Banish those preconceptions about rained off barbeques in Bognor Regis; over the years, caravans have become a much slicker and more updated operation than ever before. 

To truly feel that sense of place, there are few better options than this. What’s more, there’s even the option to purchase, so you can have a permanent home away from home in beautiful surroundings to enjoy anytime you fancy a change of scene.


Though you may not have heard of it, we predict that ambitious, disruptive company Airbnb might be making big waves soon in the holiday accomodation world.

We joke, of course, they’re already ubiquitous. But if you are intent on seeing a city close up and personal, then Airbnb represents one of the most succinct ways to do so. And the more personality the owner has imbued into their space the better, we think. 

Make the most of having your host on speed dial; plunder their insider knowledge of interesting things to see and do, as well as tips on where the locals eat and drink. If there’s a personally penned housebook with the hosts’ advice, use it keenly.


So many of us longed for a treehouse as a kid, and still as an adult, it feels like the ultimate escape. And we did promise unique accomodation back there in the second paragraph, right? Fortunately, the UK has a surprising number of luxury treehouses fit for those with a thirst for one of the more quirky night’s sleep you’re going to be getting this year.


In the words of Blindboy Boatclub, yurt. Perhaps you’re looking to escape the city life and take a break in nature for a while, frolicking through wheat fields and climbing trees. If so, you’ll definitely want to try luxury camping.

Once you start looking at some of the amazing Glamping spaces on offer out there, any prejudices about camping that you might have will soon dissipate. You can experience all the wonders the great outdoors has to offer, be surrounded by nature and do so in style and comfort. Whether you nestle near mountains, relax by the beach, or you’re surrounded by lush forest, your own corner of camping paradise will have you turned into a convert in no time.


Have you ever been somewhere that has immediately felt like home? And the thought of not going back breaks your heart a little bit? We’ve all stayed in holiday accomodation that has felt ‘just right’ from the moment you wrestle with an unfamiliar key and fly through the door. If this sounds like you, you could consider investing in a timeshare. By doing this, you still have a second home, but without the commitment of property ownership. 


Whether you want to keep on exploring new places or continue returning to an old favourite, you’re going to have the best time and a very well-deserved good night’s sleep. Now, care to invite us along for the ride?