Ideal if you’re looking to change career in 2021. 

‘‘Second week of February, New You’’. Though our usual calendar-based catalyst for change has perhaps now passed, there are still myriad reasons why now is the perfect time for fresh starts.

The most obvious reason, of course, is that big C word hanging over all of us. When lockdowns are lifted and travel once again permitted, and after such a stretch of downtime, it’s only natural that so many are considering a drastic change career wise. We’ve all had a while to realign our ambitions and perspectives, and some will be looking for new inspiration from their job going forward.

For others, it’s a necessity. Sadly, the coronavirus pandemic has led to a rise in unemployment in the UK, with 7.5% of the working population predicted to be out of work by the middle of 2021. As such, huge numbers of people are looking to diversify their skillset and become more nimble in the job market in the tough years to come. 

Fortunately, there are a variety of stimulating, sustainable jobs which don’t require heaps of previous expertise to get going on. Here are a select few of them; our 5 career choices that require minimal experience to get started, IDEAL if you’re looking to change career in 2021.


Writing is a great way to grow both on a professional and personal level. There are companies all around the world who offer internships to people with a passion for writing, and also some who will sign you up on an article-by-article basis if you show an impressive turn of phrase and an even more impressive ability to meet a word count. 

Indeed, you can find various writing jobs that don’t require any previous experience to apply for. These include copywriting, translation services if you’re bilingual, and proofreading (yep, not really writing, per se, but you catch our drift).

However, if you’re more inclined to work for yourself, we recommend preparing a portfolio of your favorite pieces that you’ll be able to send to designated clients. This way, they’ll be able to judge your skills, not on the previous experience you may not yet possess, but on the way you write your pieces. You can also start by taking on freelance jobs and being your own boss, which will allow you to build your portfolio. 


If you want to become a delivery driver, then now is most certainly the time. Indeed, during the pandemic, more and more people began using on-demand food services and shopping online. Wait, what was that sound? Hang on, Amazon are at the door…

Sorry about that. Indeed, last year Hermes UK announced that they were hiring 10,000 new staff and investing £100 million to expand their operations to meet demand during lockdown. If you’re keen to get involved then you’ll of course need a valid UK driving licence, be over 18 years old, and usually be required to complete a short course called a Driver Certificate of Professional Competence (CPC), too.

You’ll also need a flexible timetable; delivery drivers rarely work within the confines of a nine to five. It’s also important to be aware that your rights as a worker are minimal, particularly in food delivery and the so-called ‘gig economy’, where you’ll be working on a freelance basis. 


Being a sales representative carries a few hidden perks that many are unaware of. First of all, being a sales representative is a flexible job; in the majority of businesses you can decide on your own working schedule. In addition to that, should you be conducting sales via the phone, you may just realise that you don’t even have to leave your house to make a sale. Of course, this presents its own challenges; you’ll need a home office set up which is fit for purpose, for starters. 

Anyway, back to those reputed perks. Did we mention that you aren’t required to have any previous working experience in the majority of cases? Talking about salaries is a complex task in this case, as sales representatives usually earn their livelihood based on commissions, which can be an unpredictable, insecure element of the job. It may not bring you gold at first, but once you understand your customers and learn how to approach them, you will be able to cash in on all those commission checks. 

To get a sales representative role, it’s essential to first carve out a niche in the industry, whether this be pharmaceutical sales, striking deals on professional kitchen equipment, or representing a client who sells furniture. 

A passion for the product really comes across in the call, and can translate into sales, too, so if you’re new to the sales representative game, consider applying for a role representing a product or industry which you have prior knowledge of. For instance, if you’re an out of work chef, that professional kitchen equipment sales role we mentioned earlier has your name on it!


An office assistant is a great way to get yourself some experience in a particular business field when you don’t yet possess the qualifications to apply for your desired position. Becoming an office assistant doesn’t require you to have any previous work experience; just a willingness to learn and a dexterity in your typing fingers. Organisational skills won’t go amiss either!

The employer usually understands that every firm operates differently; thus, being responsive to the on-the-job training provided is generally more important than prior experience when adapting to an office environment. 

Becoming an office assistant will let you understand how a workspace operates and teach you various aspects needed to run a business, via osmosis and a fair bit of eavesdropping, if it has to be. It is also a great way to get yourself into your desired professional field and maybe even score a promotion down the road, moving up your career ladder. 

How do I become an office assistant during the pandemic when we’re not in the office we here you ask? Well, become a virtual office assistant (VA) of course.


This may come as a shock for some, but you’re not required to have any previous experience if you’re planning on becoming a flight attendant. Yes, you’ve heard it correctly. It makes complete sense, considering every airline operates differently, and when applying for a flight attendant job, you will go through several weeks of training to learn all the ins and outs of the profession as well as the specific airline you’re working for. 

You’ll of course have to meet airline’s requirements for education and it helps if you have work experience in a related job – think working in a hotel, resort or restaurant, or a role which has previously required you to engage with the public. Having a second language is also a huge plus, though not obligatory. A lack of vertigo helps, too.

Even though the airline industry isn’t having the best of times right now, with flights down globally by 43.5% on the previous year as of January 4th 2021, once vaccinations take effect, you may be pleasantly surprised that you’ll be able to apply for a flight attendant position once again in a few months time. 

And trust us when we tell you that the few weeks of on-the-job training are definitely worth it, for the various perks that will come with the job itself. Bon Voyage!


Entering the job market with not much experience to your name may be scary at first. But as the events of last year have changed the world of work forever, now might be the ideal time to change path.

Maybe getting a job that doesn’t require prior experience is just that fresh start you need…good luck!

If you’re still weighing things up, then check out these 5 signs that now is the IDEAL time to change career. Do you recognise any in yourself or your situation?