Whilst we wouldn’t want to make assumptions about the most private space in your home without visiting (or have we?), there are many reasons why your bathroom needs modernising. Doing so can make the space more accessible and comfortable, whilst also significantly increasing the value of your property if you’re intending to sell up in the future. As such, 2021 is the perfect time to give your bathroom a much-needed makeover.

But how, we hear you ask? Well, here’s a start…


Before we dive into the changes you should consider, firstly, a word (actually, quite a few words) on doing things affordably but professionally. 

Because just because you’re trying to save money at the moment, doesn’t mean you have to abandon the idea of redecorating, in fact, there are plenty of ways you can redecorate on a budget. 

Here are some 5 top tips for doing just that:

  1. Know your limits. Don’t spend more than you can afford, no matter how tempting it may be. Put a plan in place, so you know exactly what you need and don’t need to buy. This can also help you figure out how much time you will need to decorate.
  2. Use a budgeting app that can help keep track of your spending and warn you if it looks like you’ll go over budget. 
  3. If you are looking for additional furnishings, such as cupboards and mirrors, consider buying the items second hand. This can save you a lot of money in the long run, and if you buy from a charity shop, you are contributing to a good cause! Keep an eye out on local online groups, such as Facebook Marketplace as you might find a hidden gem in your local areas.
  4. Remember that the most expensive item is not necessarily the best. However, some items, such as your bath and shower, are definitely worth the investment. You will be using them every single day, so it is worth sourcing quality items.
  5. Don’t be afraid to get your hands dirty. Figure out what you can do yourself and then…do it yourself! This can cut out some of the fees associated with hiring a decorator. You can also ask friends and family to help when necessary, especially if they have any experience in decorating. 

So, with your thrifty hard hat firmly on your head, here are those 5 changes which will transform your bathroom on a budget.


Whether you opt for tiles, paint or wallpaper, the colours you chose will affect the mood of the room you create. And therefore, changing the colour scheme in your bathroom is one of the most affordable ways to make a real difference to the way in which a room looks and feels. 

Cooler tones, such as cream and pale blue, will help you create a relaxed and calming atmosphere, whilst autumnal shades such as brown and orange will make your bathroom a warm and inviting space. 

Alternatively, don’t be afraid to add some bright splashes of colour, such as yellow or blue, to bring a smile to your face on a gloomy morning. Think carefully about the kind of atmosphere you want to create, and select your new colour scheme accordingly. 


It goes without saying that you need to keep your bathroom as clean as possible. Doing your business is hard enough with clutter all around you, let alone trying to relax in the tub or putting your face on when you don’t even have room to swing a cat.

Put simply, clutter does nothing but take up space and gather dust. It can even affect your mood, especially if you keep putting off cleaning, which, ironically, clutter hinders you from doing. 

You can help declutter your bathroom by ensuring you have enough storage space for your belongings – be they beauty products or fresh towels. Remember, there should be a place for everything and everything should be in its place; the most surefire way to keep tidy, and Marie Kondo agrees. 

Shelves are the perfect choice for bathroom storage, as they take up minimal space but also look great. The storage experts at Pipe Shelf Brackets recommend that if you are going for a rustic, traditional style in your bathroom, be sure to check out reclaimed wood shelves, which are ‘’perfect for a bedroom for storage and hanging space or in a pantry or bathroom for extra wall storage’’. We couldn’t agree more lads, just mind those conjunctions.


There’s nothing better than stepping out of the bath or shower and immediately wrapping yourself in a warm towel. Just as the embrace of cosy cotton can make you feel brand new, so can a heated towel rack make your bathroom feel like it’s been refreshed and updated. 

Such a luxurious addition needn’t even cost you a fortune; the average cost in the UK for both the supply of the heated towel rack and its installation is around the £400 mark. What’s more, the whole process should take less than a day to complete.


Speaking of surprisingly affordable bathroom additions with cosy giving properties; underfloor heating will make cold winter mornings much easier to deal with, and the feeling under barefoot is one of reassurance and comfort, every single time.

Thankfully, it won’t break the bank either (the average cost of the parts and installation comes in at £800ish) and there are plenty of styles to chose from – including wooden floors, fashionable dark concrete, marble and tiling. Generally speaking, the installation will only take a couple of days, but you should expect your bathroom to be out of bounds during this period. Best set up an alternative arrangement or wear a nappy, hey!


We said changes on a budget, didn’t we? And this one only requires the purchase of some cleaning products to get the bathroom sparkling and feeling brand new…

While we certainly wouldn’t want to accuse anyone of having a dirty bathroom, we think there’s always room for giving the cleaning that extra little bit of elbow grease if you want sparkling results without having to invest in brand new features. Where your hard work will be most noticed is in your bathroom’s taps and handles; for a gentle scrub, use a microfibre cloth and plain water. If you want to go all out, add some vinegar to the mix. 

It’s likely limescale will have built up on your shower screen too, giving the whole bathroom a murky feel which is easily prevented. Scrubbing too vigorously will cause scratches. Instead, use a vinegar solution followed by a gentle buff with baking soda. As these are all items you’ll likely have around the house already, the impact on your budget will be small, but the improvement to the look of your bathroom enormous.

And with that, you have a brand new bathroom on a budget!

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