And the IDEAL ways to remedy them.

They say that your skin tells a story. And sadly for those of us who neglect the body’s largest organ, our skin is a brutally honest narrator. 

Indeed, your face can show up all manner of sins, revealing long, late dark nights of the soul, excesses of booze, caffeine and cigarettes, and even a KFC habit you’d been trying to so hard to hide from your nearest and dearest. 

Whilst personally we’re all for wearing our wrinkles, blemishes and battle scars with pride – the blurb to a fascinating life story, if you will – if your complexion is looking a little lacklustre and causing you to lack confidence, then fortunately, it can be fairly easy to get to the root of the problem.

With that in mind, here are 5 everyday ways you might be damaging your skin, and the IDEAL ways to remedy them.


Relaxing under the summer sun might be your idea of heaven, but too much exposure to harmful UV rays can damage your skin. Sometimes, it pays to remember that while a sun-kissed tan is fleeting, skin damage is permanent. 

If you want to avoid the premature onset of deep-set wrinkles, leathery skin and sagging, it’s essential you avoid soaking up the sun for long, undisturbed stretches when outdoors. What’s more, you should always wear a minimum SPF 30 sun protection to shield your skin from harmful rays. This even applies to time spent outdoors in winter, which can still be damaging to your skin, even if it doesn’t feel like it.


An exfoliating cream or a quality face mask can improve your skin, no doubt, but excessive use could actually be doing it more harm than good. If you use these products frequently, you could experience unwanted tears across your skin, which can lead to crow’s feet or wrinkles developing prematurely.

Rather than scrubbing away at your body, it’s prudent to look for products which nourish and care for your skin from within. Prioritise natural products – Ancient + Brave vegan collagen, for instance, features supportive skin nutrients and plant proteins, which can work wonders for your complexion – and always be wary of an ingredients list which details several items you perhaps haven’t heard of.

To learn a little more about what to seek out and what to avoid, check out these tips on the IDEAL skin care ingredients to look out for.


A hot shower might wake you up each morning with a kind of watery, scalding cuddle, but it could also lower your skin’s moisture levels quite drastically. 

If you’ve ever noticed how your skin feels dry, itchy, or flaky, you might need to lower the temperature when showering; a simple but effective solution for temperamental skin, and one which so many of us seem to neglect. In fact, warm water is much better for your skin, and can help prevent a red and blotchy look when you step outside the bathroom.


Alcohol can wreak havoc on your skin, as anyone who has woken up after a big session and looked in the mirror will attest. 

The demon drink can lead to dehydration in the body, which will make your skin both look and feel rough and dry. Plus, research suggests that excessive alcohol consumption can can cause a dull complexion, puffiness, and even speed up facial ageing. If you do enjoy a tipple once in a while, be sure to drink enough water alongside it to rehydrate your body. Your skin (and other vital organs) will thank you for it.


Operating under a rather ironic title, AGEs (Advanced Glycation End Products) are formed when proteins or fats combine with sugar in the bloodstream. The formation of these AGEs are one of the key factors which contribute to accelerated ageing, and so foods which are high in them should be avoided.

Generally speaking, processed and fried food is highest in these AGEs, with butter, cream cheese, mayonnaise, and oil particular culprits. If you’re keen to prevent premature ageing, it’s first important to cut back on food high in AGEs.


Sometimes it can feel like there are dangers to our youthful, glowing complexions lurking around every corner. But by keeping your eyes open to the most common every day risks to your skin, you can mitigate the damage done. Good luck!