5 Exterior Home Improvement Ideas For The Summer  

If you’re anything like us, after a long winter and as soon as spring starts shooting its shot, our minds start to fixate on summer, and those balmy, beautiful days spent in our gardens.

But the colder months can wreak havoc on both your garden and the exterior of your property. After all, when the sun beats down and illuminates a neglected and damaged home… Well, it’s not a good look. 

When relaxing in your back garden on a sun lounger, the last thing you want to be doing is worrying about dead foliage and flowers, contemplating dirty gutters, and scrutinising streaky windows. 

Instead, before it’s T-shirt weather, make the most of summer’s long build-up by getting your garden ship shape for the new season. Stay tuned as we discuss some exterior home improvement ideas to implement in time for summer. 

Add A Living Green Wall

If you are looking for a fun, DIY summer project, then this task could very well be the one!

These living vertical gardens are as eye-catching as they are practical. Indeed, since plants absorb and reflect sunlight, living walls are known to reduce the ambient temperature – something that is very welcome come summer. Moreover, living green walls promotes biodiversity, especially in city settings.

They also absorb sound, thus reducing noise pollution, too. Studies have shown that green walls can reduce ambient noise by up to a whopping 40 decibels – a pretty great benefit and home improvement if you live next to a noisy street.

Having lots of green plants and shrubbery in your garden, skyward or not, is a proven way to increase your wellbeing and promote positive mental health. Plants and foliage can give a green base of calming relaxation with pops of seasonal colour to accentuate the subtle nuances of a more relaxing space. Consider using a mix of native and exotic plants to add intrigue.

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Clean Your Gutters 

Take your mind out of the gutter and, erm, onto your gutters…

Did you know that gutters do actually serve a purpose? Yes, they are a lot more than just weird tubes that run along the bottom of your roof. Gutters are responsible for catching and clearing rainwater as it runs down your roof. Without them, there could be detrimental effects such as roof and home interior damage, or even damage to the garden below. 

Even if your gutters are functioning with no apparent issues, it is still nice to see them clean. They can be prone to debris build-up and can end up stuffed with leaves, branches, dirt, and abandoned litter, and let us tell you, this is not a good look! 

Gutters can be difficult to reach, making it hard to clean and maintain them yourself, so it is always best to call in a professional to ensure that the job is completed quickly and successfully. Click here to learn more about just what a gutter cleaning service can do for you.

Scrub And Polish Exterior Windows  

Ugh, the dreaded job of cleaning your windows. We get it, this task is not always the most exciting, or even the easiest, especially if you have a selection of streaky windows on your hands.

Sometimes, it is a whole lot easier cleaning the interior windows and simply leaving the exterior side, but this will not provide that clean (see: transparent) finish you’re after. 

Take a cleaning solution of your choice and mix it with some warm water to wash down the outside windows. Quick note; that handy vinegar spray you use on your shower glass may not alone work for the exterior dirt and grime. You’ll want to mix some dishwasher detergent in with vinegar for better results.

Once they are looking clean, buff them up with a microfibre cloth and you will be sure to see your windows gleaming from a mile away. Or, at least, from a comfortable vantage point in your garden.

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Add An Outdoor Seating Area 

Now, what better way to prepare for summer than to add a seating area to your garden, whether that’s out front or back? 

An alternative to sitting inside in a dull living room (sorry to make silly assumptions) is just what you need with the summer months approaching.

Luxurious outdoor furniture can certainly be on the pricier side, we know, but if you shop around (especially on online retailers) you’ll find some outdoor seating suitable for you. 

Or, think outside the IKEA box with your chill-out area furniture for best results. We think hammocks and garden swing seats offer a groovy alternative to the traditional garden bench. Much better for indulging in an afternoon of reading or a post-barbeque nap, this style of seating is perfect in encouraging spending long summer days enjoying your beautiful garden. And that’s why you’re here, right?

We can smell that barbecue smoke already.

Invest In A Hot Tub 

One of the next exterior home improvement ideas, especially for the summer, has got to be the addition of a hot tub. Sure, a heated pool in our back gardens would be a much greater idea but unfortunately, not everyone has the facilities or space for that, especially in the UK. 

During the era of endless lockdowns (remember that?!), hot tub sales soared, because, well, what else was there to do? If you are late to the hot tub trend then not to worry, that increased demand has somewhat levelled off now, meaning prices have stabilised, too. 

If you are concerned about the expense of a hot tub, consider a cheaper alternative; a lazy spa, perhaps, or even simply renting a hot tub strictly for the summer months! 

Hot tubs even have a range of potential health benefits. What’s not to love?

So, what are you waiting for? Let’s go boost that kerb appeal!

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